6 Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Yard During the Fall

Fall is here, and it’s time to spruce up our yards! Using the appropriate tools and tricks will definitely help you complete the yard cleanup much sooner than expected.

As land developers, We know all the quick and easy tips to help you clean up your yard and spruce up your Harlingen property for the cozy fall weather ahead. Let’s get into it!

1. Garden Tool Belts for Quick Access to Tools

If you have a tool belt in your garage or would like to invest in a garden tool belt, wearing one while you clean your yard will make it easier for you to access a variety of tools on the go. Whether you need your gardening shears, pruners, weeding knives, or hand shovels, placing them in your tool belt will save you time and multiple trips to the garage.

Pro tip: Along with your tool belt, carry an empty 5-gallon bucket, wheelbarrow, or tarp to store any of the weeds, branches, and debris that you remove from your yard.

Did you know that mulching your grass adds vital nutrients to your soil? Skip the plastic bag and let nature do the work for you! via SRCLand

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2. Mulching Over Bagging!

Picking up the mowed grass each time and bagging it adds extra labor to your yard work! When you cut your grass, allow the grass clippings to remain for some great benefits.

Grass retains a great amount of water, therefore making it easy to decompose at a quick rate underneath the hot Texan sun! Aside from that, by allowing your grass clippings to turn into natural mulch for your soil, it will continue to retain the soil’s moisture, protect the roots of any nearby plants from the sun, and keep weeds from growing. Skipping the plastic bag is also eco-friendly for your yard and the planet!

3. Rake Leaves and Use Them for Compost

With a lot of leaves falling during the beginning of fall, it’s easy to just bag them all up and throw them away. Instead, consider collecting a good portion of your leaves to begin a small compost pile.

Composting is another eco-friendly way to help add nutrients to your yard’s soil with your own biodegradable food waste, leaves, and other compostable materials. The leaves you rake will inevitably give back to your yard and keep it looking healthy!

Pro raking tip: Rake your leaves onto a tarp! Using a tarp will make it more manageable to transport your leaves from your yard to your compost pile. Tarps will also help you transport any debris found in any of your garden beds throughout your yard.

4. Sharp Tools Equals Quick Pruning

Make sure to check if all your pruning tools are sharp! It is important for your shears, hedge clippers, and pruners to remain rust-free and sharp to ensure you cut your plants or broken branches with ease.

By making clean cuts, your plants will heal quicker than if you cut them with rusty or badly-maintained tools.

5. Leaf Blowers are the Key for Cleaning Gutters

Don’t make your job any harder trying to clean out your gutters by hand. Most leaf blowers nowadays carry special extensions that allow you to blow any leaves stuck in the gutter effortlessly.

Simply look for special attachments or extension kits that are included with your leaf blower!

6. Use Fallen Trees as Firewood

If you’ve noticed any trees that have fallen around your yard, collect them all together and save the pieces you’d like to cut. Using a wood-cutting axe or renting a log splitter, cut up the wood into solid pieces to store as firewood for the colder months ahead.

A Clean Yard is a Healthy Yard

By using all of the helpful tips, SRC Land assures you that cleaning up the yard during the fall will be a breeze! Taking the steps to ensure you rake the leaves, remove the weeds out of your garden beds, and get started on a small compost pile will keep your yard healthy for the months ahead.
If you would like to use these simple tips but need help finding the perfect property to build your home and maintain your yard, look no further than SRC Land.
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