6 Types of Land Development in Texas: Making The Most Out of Your Property

Texas has thousands of miles of land you can utilize for many different types of land development. Land developments come in six main types, depending on how you plan to utilize the land. 

The location of your land will play a significant role in the developments it can support. Keep reading to learn about the types of land development you may want to pursue, and how property experts can help you in your land search.

1. Agricultural

Land meant to support livestock or plant life is known as agricultural development. Fences, irrigation systems, and fertile soil help start this type of development project. You can use agricultural land for numerous purposes, including forestry, livestock, and crops. The ideal climate and rich soil in South Texas make it a perfect location for growing crops. 

2. Commercial

Commercial land is used for business locations, in both the countryside and the city. Depending on the size of the business and target clientele, businesses may wish to be further from the city to have more space or may need to be in the center of the town near their potential customers. You can use commercial land for any business venture, including the following:

  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Medical offices
  • Parking lots
  • Gyms
  • Restaurants

3. Industrial

Industrial land developments are usually located farther away from the city in urban counties. The more remote location is meant to support the company’s focus on manufacturing and distribution. This land is used for production plants, warehouses, and power plants. 

4. Infrastructure

Transportation is an essential part of everyday life for both individuals and businesses. Infrastructure is what makes transportation possible. Infrastructure development can include many types of structures, including bridges, highways, and railroads.

However, infrastructure covers far more than just the transportation needs of the public. It also includes many of the things you use for daily living. Sewage, drainage, and communication systems are each critical types of infrastructure land development. 

5. Public 

This type of land development is generally used by the public and funded by the taxpayers. The government also sets up an area for public land and distinguishes how the community will utilize it. Government office buildings can also be placed on public land but are not for public use. Review the list below on options for public land use. 


  • Police stations
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals  

6. Residential

Residential land is used for living quarters. It is the most commonly seen type of land development, largely due to the possible investment opportunities for families, individuals, and investors. Residential developments come in a few different types and can appear in nearly any location.

  • Rural – Individuals or families may live in countryside homes with limited livestock or crops.
  • Urban – Some individuals need more access to things like businesses and clients, making the city the best place for them to live.
  • Rental – Apartment complexes are great homes for many Texans and may be sectioned together in a city with other rental complexes. 

Start Your Land Development Project With SRC Land

Before you can purchase land, you will need to have a solid idea of how you will use it and what sort of development you will build. Location can make all the difference, and the team at SRC Land can help you find the right place for your needs. Wiith seller-financing opportunities, we can make purchasing land easier and quicker than bank lending and can help buyers who can’t get a traditional loan.   


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