A Little Spring Cleaning for Your Land

With spring right around the corner, most of us are looking forward to enjoying the consistently warm weather and fresh outdoors — preferably in a clean yard with luscious grass and vibrant plants.

Those who own land know that spring cleaning is not only about keeping your yard tidy, but also maintaining your property so that you can enjoy the warmer seasons outside.


How Can You Beautify Your Land?

The winter weather in South Texas is so unpredictable, one day it can feel like the middle of summer, and the next day the temperature can drop to near freezing. Once spring starts, we can look forward to our more consistent warm climate. 

This should be motivation for landowners to start cleaning up the damage made from the bursts of freezing temperatures we’ve experienced in recent months.  

Below are some strategies to spring clean your yard: 


1. Create a Plan for Landscaping Projects

Creating a plan is the first step that you should definitely not skip. Being organized can help you achieve your vision and not waste time or money. 

We recommend you make lists, draw up a map of your current land, and add notes on changes you would like to make.

Some ideas for easy renovations include repaving cement pathways, adding or changing fencing, or adding new crops or vegetables to your gardens. 

2. Tidy Up

Start by extracting any dead branches, trees, or bushes from your yard. If you don’t have the means or knowledge to do so, you can always hire someone who has the proper tools to get the job done. 

Next, remove any weeds that have grown in your gardens or anywhere on your land. This can quickly make a big difference in the appearance of your yard. Don’t forget about removing the weeds on the edges of your property to keep it looking neat and sleek.

Utilize this time to extract any debris that may have fallen on your property from surrounding foliage. Debris can prevent your grass from getting the sunlight it needs to thrive. Having vibrant grass is a key element of making your yard look nice and clean. 

3. Protect Your Plants

Keep an eye out for any bug infestations on your plants or grass. If you happen to see bugs in your plants, do some research to identify the bugs and how you can get rid of them. You can also hire a professional to get rid of the problem for you.

If rabbits or other local wildlife are destroying the hard work you’ve put into your crops and gardens, it’s best to add fencing around the crops you need to protect. 

4. Revive Your Yard From Adverse Climate

Removing weeds and debris is a good start to reviving any patches of grass that may have turned brown. You can aerate the soil where the brown patches are by combing a rake through those areas. This will also be a good time to add grass seeds, plant food, and fertilizer that will all help rejuvenate your grass. 


SRC Land Offers Seller-Finance Properties to Anyone Who Aspires to Become a Land Owner

Although spring cleaning your land may seem taxing, the satisfaction of having a beautiful yard will make it worthwhile.

If you are looking into owning land to beautify, SRC Land has land for sale in Harlingen. SRC Land has been making owning land possible for anyone interested for over 20 years. 


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