What First Time Land Buyers Should Know About Hurricanes and Their New Property

Buying land in a hurricane zone can be a bit complicated if you’re planning to build on the property. But with the right plan in place, purchasing such a property can be the best investment you can make.

At SRC Land, we not only want to help you through the entire process of choosing the right property, but we also want to make sure you can properly protect your investment from hurricanes and other severe storms.

About Hurricanes

Hurricane season is expected to last this year from June 1st to November 30th. To be prepared, there are four things individuals buying land in a hurricane zone should know:

1. Be mindful of hurricane tendrils: The tendrils emanating from a hurricane can be just as dangerous as its center. A storm hitting the Texas Gulf Coast can have tendrils that stretch in Central Texas, causing tornadoes and flooding.

2. Flooding: While hurricanes devastate coasts with wind, severe rain can cause irreparable damage inland, especially to properties near rivers and creeks.

3. Hurricane’s direction: The direction a hurricane is traveling can provide some insights into the amount of damage it makes. A hurricane’s right quadrant has the strongest winds, which can tell you where the most damage will be.

4. Up to 10 hurricanes in Texas: Through 2020’s hurricane season, a total of four hurricanes hit near the RGV. However, an average season produces 14 storms, including seven hurricanes.

How To Prepare

The lion’s share of damage from a hurricane comes from strong winds and flooding. Preparing for these dangers is key. Insurance and safety precautions are some things you can do better protect yourself and your investment:

l. Insurance is key

It is of utmost importance to have property insurance when building in a hurricane zone, and don’t settle for the first company you come across. Shop around to compare prices and to determine which provider offers the best coverage at the most reasonable price.

Another common mistake that can have truly serious consequences is thinking that their insurance will cover flooding. The most basic insurance DOES NOT cover flooding and will typically require you to purchase additional add-ons to your policy.

ll. Read the small print

Depending on your land’s location and risk level, your insurance premium might be more expensive. On top of that, make sure to get more than just general insurance.

With hurricanes being a risk in South and Coastal Texas, you will require storm protection, flood insurance, and other types of insurance coverage. It is important to note that flood insurance policies have a 30-day waiting period before coverage takes effect. So make sure to purchase this insurance in a timely manner.

The Safety Measures You Need In Place

There is no “overdoing it” when it comes to protecting your investment against a hurricane. Some safety measures you can take include:

1. Have a plan. A lot of damage from hurricanes can be mitigated with a proper contingency plan. An evacuation plan can even save lives.
2. Make sure the exterior of your home is safe. All large trees and shrubs should be trimmed before a major storm. If you own patio furniture, put it away or secure it to the floor.
3. Update where you can. Windows, doors, and garage doors can be upgraded to be impact-rated. In certain states, upgrading your safety measures could lower your insurance premium.
4. Place cars in safe areas. Make sure any parking areas are located on high ground and away from tall trees and shrubs.
5. Plan for electricity going out. Having an emergency power source and a proper surge protector in place is good practice to avoid electrical damage to your property.
6. Safe keep important documents. Keep all important legal and insurance documents in a waterproof safety deposit box.
7. Have a shelter room. Whether you build a home or a business site, building a shelter room for any occupants could save lives.

We Can Help You Find The Harlingen Property That Meets Your Needs.

Living in a hurricane zone can become stressful during hurricane season. However, these areas are also the most profitable and beautiful in the country.

If you’re thinking about buying in a hurricane zone, we got the land you’re looking for! At SRC Land, we can help you find and buy your land in one easy and smooth process. Our real estate specialists in Harlingen are here to offer you their experience and knowledge to help you during this new journey.

Begin Your Country-Living Dreams and Build Your Own Ranch! Choose This Property in Rio Grande City Now Before It’s Gone!

SRC Land has the perfect tract of land in the outskirts of Rio Grande City for you to begin your own ranch and agricultural operations. This property for sale offers a great amount of space for your dream ranch or the perfect, spacious home for you and your family.

And remember, you don’t have to have a perfect credit score to become a landowner. Contact SRC Land or click here to learn more about our seller-financing options.


Property Highlights

This property is located on W Elizondo Ave, right off Old U.S. 83 between S Charco Blanco Rd and S Cox St, and it has immediate access to the U.S. Highway 83 and several commerces, parks, and restaurants.

Las Brisas Ranches 2 contains two properties for sale: A 50-acre tract for $270,000 and A 48-acre tract for $220,000. With plenty of affordable monthly payment plans and seller-financing options, these lots could be yours in a fraction of the time it would take to acquire through traditional lenders/means.

And as a bonus, these acres of land for sale in Rio Grande City offer a lot of space quite near downtown.

Amenities Nearby

With a low cost of living, lots of space, and an agricultural lifestyle, you can find a lot of the following amenities nearby:


  • Ringgold Middle School (3.3 miles away)
  • IDEA Rio Grande City (4.5 miles away)
  • John & Olive Hinojosa Elementary School (4.8 miles away)
  • Dr. Mario E. Ramirez Elementary School (5.4 miles away)
  • Rio Grande City High School (5.7 miles away)


  • Texas Cafe (1.2 miles away)
  • La Taqueria De Guanajuato (1.5 miles away)
  • The Cake Parlour Sweets & Eats (1.7 miles away)
  • Okashi Sushi Bar & Seafood (3.3 miles away)
  • La Parrilla Restaurant Tacos y Más (4.8 miles away)


  • Canales Drive-In Grocery (1 mile away)
  • Siempre Grocery (1.5 miles away)
  • AJ’s Grocery (1.9 miles away)
  • H-E-B Plus! (2.6 miles away)
  • Salinas Grocery (4.8 miles away)


  • Rural Health at Starr County Memorial Hospital (2.6 miles away)

Spacious Property for Sale in Rio Grande City. Reach Out to SRC Land Today!

Whether you’re looking to start a small farm or for a spot to build your dream home, Rio Grande City is the perfect place to set your family roots. Surrounded by quiet neighborhoods, these lots for sale are a great investment for anyone interested in residential or commercial properties.

Talk to a SRC Land representative today to buy this land! We’re here to help you acquire the appropriate land for your needs. Contact us today to acquire more information regarding this amazing land in a great city!

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Curb Appeal: 6 Ways To Make Your Home Look Good

You’ve got the land, and have built your home. Now it’s time to keep up with maintenance and making sure your home looks beautiful all the time!

At SRC Land, we want to make sure that when you buy land from us to build your home, you know everything there is to keep your home looking like new! So, how can you make sure your house has curb appeal?

Let us tell you how!

What Is Curb Appeal?

Any real estate agent with experience can tell you that what makes a house attractive is curb appeal. Curb appeal is a term used to describe the general attractiveness of a house or other piece of property from the sidewalk.

Don’t let your house be the ugly duckling of the neighborhood with these easy tips:

1.Take a Step Back

You can’t tell how your home looks if you don’t take time to see how it looks from the outside. Drive at different times of the day around your house to see how it looks from different angles and under different kinds of lights.

2.Spruce Up Your Porch

Your porch is like the cover of your home. The kind of furniture or decorations you have can tell a lot about your lifestyle. Even your welcome mat is important to showing your personality. Remember first impressions are meaningful!

3.Don’t Ignore The Landscape

How often do you hire a landscaper to give your front lawn a touch-up? Probably not often enough. From keeping your bushes in the right shapes to fixing garden decorations or stepping stones. These are important little features to keep an eye on and to make sure your home looks taken care of.

Having the right plants and taking care of them is very important. Dead plants are not a good look for any home. Read more about the perfect plants for your plot of land.

4.Keeping Up Appearances

We mean it quite literally. The state of your house says a lot about you. Making sure to give your house a fresh coat of paint when needed, cleaning any grimy windows, upgrading your house numbers and mailbox, along with repairing any cracks or defects on your driveway can make your house look as good as new.

5.Let There Be Light

Now, what’s the point of having an amazing curb appeal if at night it’s all going to be hidden in the shadows? Not only that, but a lack of proper outside lighting could lead to accidents and trips. Make sure to have good light fixtures outside so people can see where to walk and how beautiful your home is.

6.Care For Your Roof

Not only is the roof a big feature of your house, but it also can be very expensive to replace and – if not taken care of properly – a damaged roof can lead to water damage.

Make sure to always keep your gutters clean to avoid any unpleasant smells or ruining parts of your roof. Also, having your roof cleaned is a great way to keep it in a good condition. Your roof will look much better without all the dark spots on it.

A Healthy House Is An Appealing House

You can increase your home’s curb appeal by simply giving good maintenance to your home. Keep it clean and properly taken care of and everyone will notice the difference.

This could also save you some money since any damages or future issues can be avoided with routine check-ups, which means more money to upgrade your home!

Got A Great Idea For A Perfect Home But You Still Need To Buy The Land To Build It? Take That First Step to Owning Land in Harlingen By Reaching Out to Us Today!

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Interested in Moving to Harlingen? Here’s What You Need to Know

Moving anywhere can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right kind of information and proper direction, moving to a place like Harlingen is a breeze if you get to know it before hitting the road.

SRC Land has been in land development for over 20 years, and throughout our time doing business in Harlingen by providing seller-financing options to individuals looking to start living the American dream, we’ve learned much about what makes this South Texas jewel special.

Harlingen has a Rich History

Lon C. Hill had a grand vision for the Rio Grande area to become a commercial waterway, and thus founded the City of Harlingen in 1904. He would ultimately name this new area of opportunity “Harlingen” after a picturesque town in the Netherlands.

Very shortly after the city was founded, Harlingen earned its first post office, and a year after the city was founded, it built its first school that taught a total of 15 students. Mr. Hill had so much confidence in this growing city that he built his residence here, the first residential property built in Harlingen’s history. A restored version of his house can be seen at the Rio Grande Valley Museum including more artifacts and documents about the area’s history.

World War II happened and many military installations were built in Harlingen, increasing the local population to around 23,000 people by 1950. When these places were abandoned, entrepreneurs seized the opportunity to build a strong economy in their place.

Now, the growing city is bustling with a variety of entertainment and restaurants, pieces of South Texas history, and tradition and culture as big as the Lone Star State.

Harlingen has Plenty of Advantages

With a population of 70,000 and growing, Harlingen welcomes the modern luxuries of life with a mix of traditional treasures typically found in South Texas.

One of the many advantages of living in the area is that the cost of living in the state, especially in the tropical Rio Grande Valley, is relatively low. Your American dream can very well become a reality once you establish your roots in the area.

Another advantage of life in the Rio Grande Valley, or the “The Valley” as locals call it, is that despite its growing population, family and southern hospitality are still the most important facets of life in the area. Neighbors become family, and you will never meet a stranger.

Harlingen has a Recognized Education System

The education system in Harlingen is nothing short of abundant with 17 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 7 high schools within the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District.

Football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and even a swim team make up the extracurricular activities that will keep you and your family cheering from the stands as you watch your loved one have fun on the court or the field.

Do you have a family member about to graduate high school? Their journey can begin at Texas State Technical College, which offers a variety of technical college programs and introductory courses sure to get anybody well on their way to their higher education degree.

Harlingen is a Friend of Outdoor Enthusiasts

There are also a variety of parks and greenspaces across the city with playgrounds, monuments, and waterfronts to sit next to and take in the warm temperature that calls the tip of Texas home for most of the year. The Harlingen Thicket and its long trail will give you an up close and personal experience with brush native to this part of the state, and the Arroyo Park boasts a trail of its own with gorgeous scenery as the sun sets.

Feeling a little more adventurous? You can take a short drive down to the coast and rent a kayak or go parasailing in beautiful South Padre Island, a nationally renowned hotspot for Spring Break, home to the iconic Queen Isabella Causeway, and the brightest fireworks displays you will ever see during the summertime.

Harlingen has a Growing Nightlife

Do you enjoy a robust nightlife? The beauty about living in Harlingen is that you are never too far away from it. From culinary delights you would see in metropolitan areas to delicious beverages and bedazzling entertainment venues, there is always something to do in Harlingen.

If you’re looking for indoor entertainment, you can head to the movie theater to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or even find yourself entertained by the liveliness that historic downtown has to offer. A mix of classic sandwich shops and brand-new restaurants with an atmosphere for those with a more refined palette are also available via the selections at Sir’s Martini Lounge or Jackson Street Cork N Craft.

Make Your Move to Harlingen Today!

The City of Harlingen is one of the Rio Grande Valley’s most cherished towns, and with its rich history and uniquely abundant list of things to do, it is easy to see why.

If you’re interested in calling Harlingen home, contact us today to get started!

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