What You Should Know About Farming

Farming can be a great experience if you’re looking to break into the agriculture industry and become a successful business owner. 

If you have an interest in farming, take advantage of the rich landscape and gorgeous properties for sale in Harlingen that SRC Land offers. The climate and soil of the Rio Grande Valley are known to be ideal for growing a variety of crops. If you choose the right high-demand crop, the probability of making a living off your farm increases.

Once you develop the skills and knowledge to farm, the potential for a profitable business is nearly unlimited.  

Things To Know To Be Successful in Farming and Agriculture

SRC Land would like to share a few facts on farming and agriculture to help guide you  in succeeding in the next exciting chapter of your life.

1. Agriculture entails growing crops, raising animals, and creating a food surplus. Additionally, science, engineering, and technology are all pivotal to the agriculture and farming industries.

It’s also important to keep in mind that agriculture is business. From the moment you contact SRC Land to the first sale of your own crop, business is involved. There is also marketing, packaging, and distribution to handle in between.

2. Agriculture and farming are in everything. The clothes we wear and the food we eat are all produced by farmers. Owning property can create many opportunities for you in the agriculture and farming world.

3. As previously mentioned, farming is a great way to create revenue. By doing research on your local community and state, you can find a crop that will not only thrive but also aid you in growing your business.

4. Farmers usually specialize in one or a few crops. Before, farmers were more like Old MacDonald and owned a little bit of everything. Now farmers have a tractor here and equipment there, and a few crops everywhere. Growing fewer types of crops gives you the ability to learn and potentially specialize in that specific type of food.

5. Farming requires modern technology. Some farmers have help from devices, drones, computers, and much more. It is common for farms to have their own Wi-Fi and security system to watch for any critters trying to destroy their crops.

6. Farming takes a lot of brainpower. There is more to farming than planting a seed and watching it grow. Farmers often have to use math and technology while keeping a business state of mind.

7. Most farmers have a passion for the land. Sometimes this passion can be developed over time, once you get to learn more about farming and agriculture.  Becoming passionate about farming can be the best way to be successful. When farming has piqued your interest, you’ll want to learn even more.

Seller-Financed Lots to Help You Become a Successful Farmer 

SRC Land has been assisting aspiring landowners for over 20 years. When you invest in our seller-financed properties, you can achieve your goal of running your own successful business.

If you are looking for properties for sale in Harlingen to start your own farm and become a business owner, contact SRC Land!

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What Are the Best Crops To Start for New Farmers Looking To Buy Land for Sale in Harlingen?

Growing crops can be an amazing opportunity with a good deal of benefits! 

Harlingen is fortunate enough to have the perfect climate to produce crops year-round. Growing crops can be truly rewarding and our properties in South Texas can make a dream become reality! Growing your crops can benefit your health, save you trips to the grocery store, and even save you money.  

SRC Land can assist and guide you to find the perfect seller-financed land for you! We have different properties that can accommodate your goals and help you prosper. We also offer this guide on what crops are ideal for beginners to grow. 

Crops Grow Better With Love and the Perfect Climate 

To start growing crops, first look into buying land in Harlingen, with its favorable growing conditions, and then look into crops that are great for new growers! Learning which crops are best for newcomers can lead you to a new and exciting chapter in your life and help you potentially start a business. 

The following crops are a few of the simplest to grow in Harlingen: 

  • Potatoes are low maintenance. You can buy seeds around February, but you can also use a piece of dried potato as a seed. Red-skinned potatoes thrive the best. 
  • Tomatoes are an ideal crop for Harlingen. Tomatoes flourish in the pleasant, warm weather South Texas offers year-round. The soil in Harlingen is so great that all kinds of tomatoes can be produced.
  • Eggplant is perfect for harvesting in warm temperatures. As long as it doesn’t frost, eggplants can grow during our winter season, too. 
  • Radishes grow well in warm climates and can sprout beautifully in our rich soil. 
  • Lettuce can survive temperatures as low as 32 degrees, making it a great crop to grow year-round. 
  • Carrots are an easy crop to grow year-round in South Texas. 
  • Okra is a heat-tolerant crop and produces quickly. 
  • Corn and peanuts can be easy to grow and possibly be profitable since the livestock industry uses these crops to feed the animals. 
  • Citrus is a staple crop in our region because of year-round growth, and can also produce a profit. 

The list of ideal crops to grow in Harlingen is nearly endless. Our not-so-cold winters play a part in possibly making it easy to grow a large variety of crops. 

SRC Land is Here to Help and Guide New Land Owners

At SRC Land, we aspire to provide new landowners with the properties and guidance they need to achieve their goals. We hope you take advantage of the great climate and soil in Harlingen, and invest in land for crop growing that can benefit you immensely. 

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How To Start Making Money off of Your Crops? (Part 2)

We are fortunate enough to have the perfect climate and soil to raise a variety of crops in Harlingen, TX. Because of this, growing crops can be a lucrative way to make a living and become a business owner.  

SRC Land encourages you to invest in our properties for sale in Harlingen to get started in the farming industry.

In Part 2 of this series, we’re going to provide you with a few additional tips on how you can create a thriving business selling crops you can grow on your property. 

Investments To Help Your Business

When owning a business, you should take into consideration the expenses to start marketing your goods. There are a number of things you’ll need to properly sell your crops, including but not limited to, packaging materials, transportation, refrigeration, storage space, and much more.   

It’s an excellent idea to write out a business plan to better understand potential expenses and costs, and to also use spreadsheet software to track your finances. 

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

While it may seem like a good idea to leave your job in anticipation of going all-out on your investment, the truth is that you should keep your day job until you are able to establish your business and generate enough income to pay for your living expenses. 

First, start with a smaller number of valuable crops until you feel comfortable expanding and potentially adding more crops. Having too many crops to begin with can be overwhelming for someone without experience in the agricultural industry. This can cause you to be discouraged and miss out on other opportunities that can improve the likelihood of your business’ success.

Plant the seed and patiently watch it grow. 

Love What You Grow

After doing some research, hopefully, you can find a crop that you believe in. It is important to love what you do, and to choose crops that fit your goals while also being profitable so your business can grow. 

As stated in our previous blog and article on the best blogs to grow in South Texas, with the help of your local community, your research, and plenty of hard work, you can grow into a successful business with time and effort.  

Growing Crops May Open the Door To Other Opportunities

Once you are successful in growing crops, you can get creative and start making other products with your crops.

For example, if you grow fruit, you can look into making your jams and other treats that can increase your profit. Experimenting with these ideas can be fun, and become a new way of expanding your business.  

Own Property & Become a Thriving Business Owner

SRC Land has been assisting aspiring landowners for over 20 years. When you invest in our seller-financed properties, you can achieve your goal of running your own successful business.

If you’re looking for properties for sale in Harlingen, then look no further than SRC Land. 

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How To Start Making Money off of Your Crops? (Part 1)

Many strive to achieve the American dream of owning a business. 

If you’re looking to become an entrepreneur, then consider that the climate and soil in Harlingen can make growing crops an easy and ideal business to invest in. Many crops thrive in the amazing South Texas climate, potentially creating year-round produce to sell.

If you’re looking for land to start growing crops, then look no further than SRC Land. We provide excellent properties for sale in Harlingen, so you can start the process of becoming a land and business owner. 

Flourish the Perfect Crop and Your Business 

In order to profit off of farming, you need to know which valuable crops to grow and sell.

Microgreens, such as cabbage, beets, and radishes, are exemplary crops to grow in South Texas. These crops don’t require a lot of land and can be very profitable. Plus, they grow fast if you’re looking to secure some quick revenue.  

Of course, microgreens aren’t the only crop you can grow in South Texas. There are plenty of options available to you, depending on your level of experience with farming. However, if you’re a beginner, then you’ll want to educate yourself on the types of crops that grow best in the Rio Grande Valley. The more you know, the easier the process will be. 

You can also check out our guide on what crops are best for beginners. Thankfully, Harlingen’s favorable weather and rich soil gives you plenty of options to choose from.  

When deciding on which crops to grow, you’ll also want to think like a business owner and consider which are in high demand. With help from the community and research beforehand, you can learn what crops are most popular and desirable. 

Build Loyal Clientele Who Will Buy Your Produce 

Building your clientele may take some effort but it will be worth it once you have your steady stream of customers. Growing your customer base might take a little footwork but it can definitely be done.  

We suggest you become a well-known member of your local farming community and reach out to local restaurants, grocery stores, and other business owners with who you think you can develop a reciprocal business relationship. 

You should also attend as many local events and farmers’ markets as you can. Build rapport with people who you frequently see at these events to start the process of building a clientele. Remember to always be welcoming, friendly, and to provide excellent customer service. 

Customers are the answer to having a successful business. Without them, your farm won’t be profitable. 

SRC Land Can Get You Started On Becoming a Successful Business Owner

SRC Land has been helping people achieve their goals of owning land for over 20 years. With our seller-financed properties available, you can make the dream of running your own business a reality. 

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