Beautify Your Lot With These 3 Fall Flowers

One of the pros of living in South Texas is the year-round subtropical climate that we get to experience.

Our seasons range from warm (February to April) to hot (May to September) to warm-cool (October to January). With so many sunny days in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), residents with green thumbs have plenty of opportunities to flex their gardening skills.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert when it comes to plants or gardening, the year-long warm seasons consistent across the RGV make it very possible to beautify your property with a variety of colorful and vibrant flowers. via @SCRLand

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With various lots available in Cameron County, SRC Land can help you find the perfect piece of property to begin adorning with gorgeous plants and flowers – the best part? Our seller-financing options make it extremely possible for you to become a landowner in no time.

Let’s review some charming options to consider planting on your lot for the upcoming growing season.

3 Fall Flowers to Grow in South Texas

Because there are so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which flowers to consider for your lot. Don’t worry though, we’ve made it easy and narrowed it down to these three colorful plants:

1.Chrysanthemum – A quintessential fall flower, Chrysanthemums (also referred to as “mums” for short) bring a vibrant burst of color to any garden. These lovely plants are members of the Asteraceae (Compositae) family and are related to other popular flowers such as marigolds, cosmos, dahlias, and sunflowers.

Their appearance can range from small cushion mums to giant spider mums. The blooms are made up of many tiny flowers referred to as florets and they come in pink, yellow, orange, purple, red, and white color varieties.

This plant typically grows to a width and height of 1 to 3 feet, so keep that in mind when mapping out your placements. When planting these seeds, place them where they’ll receive plenty of sunlight and away from any trees or big shrubs that could potentially overshadow them.

2.Zinnias – A great choice for beginner and novice gardeners, Zinnias are some of the easiest flowers to grow. This option is known for growing quickly and blooming heavily, so you can definitely expect them to add a huge surge of color to your lot.

The flowerheads are comparable to daisies, but they come in three variants: single-flowered (single row of petals, visible center), double-flowered (multiple rows of petals, no visible center), and semi-double-flowered (multiple rows of petals with a visible center).

Although these plants come in a variety of shapes and heights, each is available in yellow, red, white, purple, red, pink, and orange colors. Plan to plant these in an area that will receive full sunlight and good air circulation.

3.Petunias – Petunias are known for their delicious scent, vibrant blooms, and long flowering period. These charming plants come in multiple colors/bicolors, sizes, and forms (including milliflora, floribundas, grandifloras, multiflora, and spreading hedgiflora).

Though you can plant these from seeds, it’s much easier to buy young plants from nurseries and transfer them to your garden. Multiflora, spreading hedgiflora, and floribundas are best suited for this method.

Miliflora and grandiflora are great options for planting in containers since they’re more susceptible to rain damage and overwatering.

Like the aforementioned options, these plants don’t flower well in shade and require a lot of sunlight. For petunias in containers, make sure to use a potting mix that will drain well.

Find the Perfect Lot to Beautify with SRC Land

For many Americans, the dream of owning property also comes with the anticipation of being able to design an appealing landscape that will turn heads and inspire awe.

SRC Land has years of experience in helping people become landowners in the Rio Grande Valley and can guide you through the often intimidating land buying process.

Our sales experts can provide you with a variety of affordable lots to choose from even if you have bad or no credit. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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