Building on Your Own Land? You May Need Permissions

Whether you have an unused piece of land and need to build a facility from scratch, or your home is a bit small and you want to add a room or two, you may need permission before you can start on your next exciting project. Getting the required permits before you start your building project can save you time, money, and headaches.

Whether starting from scratch or renovating your home, building on your own land is a great way to improve the value of your property. Building permits are designed to make sure that the project is safe for your home and that the project does not decrease the value of your land. Keep reading to learn more about what permission you may need before you start your building project.

What Types of Builds Do Not Require Permits?

Some home improvement projects may not require a permit. These are usually renovations or updates that do not change the home’s structure. 

  • Swapping out kitchen appliances
  • Updating a faucet
  • Putting in new flooring
  • Installing kitchen cabinets
  • Painting your house

What Types of Builds Require Permits?

Constructing new buildings, or making changes to your existing home’s structure, often requires a building permit, depending on the city or town ordinances where you live.

This includes renovations that may affect the home’s electrical, water, or other utility systems.

  • Knocking down or adding in walls
  • Changing the garage into a family room
  • Adding in a fireplace
  • Building a fence
  • Re-roofing your house

Which Permit Do You Need? 

There are many types of building permits available and which one you need depends on the type of project you are planning to do. 


New or existing builds need a commercial permit. Remodeling the roof, updating the foundation, or building a new facility will require a commercial permit.


Multi-family permits apply to apartments, townhouses, and hotels that are being updated or built. 


Any renovations done to a residential building use a residential permit. This can include projects to build a deck, install a pool, or finish a basement.


Changes to the electrical system of a home or commercial building will need approval. Even moving an outlet five inches will need to be approved to make sure it meets safety standards.


Adding or moving a sink, toilet, or shower requires you to have a plumbing permit. However, no permit is needed if the old item is just swapped out for a new, updated piece.


Mechanical upgrades such as new ductwork or adding in a gas line require a mechanical permit before installation. 

Fire Suppression

Any type of fire suppression system installed in your home, including a kitchen hood, water sprinkler, or underground line will need a permit.

What Other Permissions Will You Need?

Whether you need a permit or not, you may need permission to continue your new building project. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association or covenant in place, you will need permission from the association. Certain HOAs or neighborhood covenants may limit how tall you build your fences, the color you paint your house, or how big you build your deck.

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