Building the Farm of Your Dreams

Starting a farm is an exciting venture with many opportunities for your future! 

While farming is certainly a reward experience, there are many challenges and things to consider. For instance, not only do you have to take care of the land, but you may also need to build different structures on your property, such as a barn, chicken coops, fences, and more! 

Of course, when it comes to finding the right piece of land, you can put your trust in the seller-financed properties from SRC Land. We have all types of properties to meet your needs and help to develop the farm of your dreams. 

And not only can we offer your gorgeous lots of land, but we’ve also provided you with a few helpful tips to help you build the perfect farm!

Consider Your Farm’s Purpose

There are various things to consider when beginning your farming business. You may wish to ask yourself a few questions about your farm’s purpose and why you want to start it, such as:

  • Will this farm be for-profit?
  • Will this farm become my new hobby?
  • Is it a contribution to society or animal welfare?

Asking yourself these questions will help you determine a proper strategy for your farm, including tax implications, the types of animals you will want to raise, and the kinds of crops you will want to grow!

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about ninety-seven percent of small farms are family-owned, with over two million farms existing throughout our nation! Start yours today by checking our property for sale in Harlingen! via @SRCLand

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Receive Some Hands-on Training

If you do not know what it takes to run a farm, it’s essential to receive some hands-on training to acquire the necessary skills. Networking is vital, so try an apprenticeship with a local farmer willing to teach you the ins and outs of running a farm! 

Farming will require a lot of time and dedication, so be sure to put in the work if you wish to have a successful business!

Here is a list of resources and websites to help you get started with hands-on training:

Steps for Starting Your Dream Farm

Now that you know why you want to start your farm and you’ve received the necessary skills to run a farm, you must take the steps needed to begin your farm!

Step One: Identify Your Niche

It’s essential to identify your niche by keeping a few things in mind:

  • Turn to your state agriculture department Learn all the information you need to know about farming in Texas, necessary licenses, market access, and more.
  • Research and learn your target market Perhaps you wish to tap into specific fruits or vegetable crops — plan where you want to build your farm.
  • Take the time to research everything and anything about the market Learn more about your customer base, connect with other local farmers, and check out your local farmers’ markets for any products that may need extra attention.

Step Two: Find the Perfect Land with SRC Land

Finding the perfect land to begin your new farm is accessible with SRC Land! We currently have properties for sale in Harlingen! Be sure to check out our property listings today!

Certain things you should keep in mind when looking through our listings include:

  • Make sure you are close to local markets to know where you will be able to sell and distribute your products.
  • Have a steady supply of water for your farming needs, learn about the water quality for your farm, and know the price for your water supply.
  • Like water, soil quality is essential to grow your crops and keep any livestock you own well-fed.
  • Figure out the types of infrastructure and buildings that you may need to shelter your animals and more.
  • Connect with your nearby neighbors and farmers! Learn more about the products they offer and how you may mutually benefit from each other’s farms!

Step Three: Financing Your Land

Luckily for you, SRC Land helps new landowners achieve the farms of their dreams with our seller-financed properties! Our property experts will help you with loan servicing options. You should also consider:

  • Marketing and selling your products.
  • Determine the costs of production.
  • Build your business plan around your farm’s needs and goals.

Reach Out to SRC Land Today!

Don’t miss out on building your dream ranch! Reach out to our property experts at SRC Land to learn all about our current properties for sale! Simply give us a call at (956) 428-6607! 

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