Hang Your Hat in Reynold’s Country Estates!

Whether you’re looking for your ideal property to settle down, or are on the lookout for a great investment in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, SRC Land has your dream spot waiting for you! Below, you’ll find some key features that make this piece of property the perfect location for you and your family. 

Property Highlights

Reynolds Country Estates offers the perfect location for individuals or families looking to settle down and call home. With half acre lots in La Feria starting at $39,900, this property offers convenient water access with La Feria Water Supply, easy and affordable seller finance terms, and proximity to the best of the RGV. Come see the potential of this wonderful land opportunity within a new and growing community. 

Location: Between Adams Rd. and Kansas City Rd. 

These tracts of land available in Reynolds Country Estates sit in La Feria, TX (Cameron County), and they are easily accessible to major streets and highways, including I-2 and US-83–crucial roadways that forms part of the Brownsville-Harlingen-Raymondville, the Matamoros-Brownsville, and the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metropolitan areas. 


This property is a half-acre lot with restrictions to new home construction to include only 1,600 sq. minimum living area. 

Amenities Nearby

La Feria offers affordable cost of living and is an ideal location to live and raise a family. Located in the growing Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, La Feria offers residents a relaxed, suburban rural-mix feel, and opportunities to enjoy nearby amenities include: 


This property is located within La Feria ISD, with nearby elementary, middle, and high schools. 

  • David Sanchez Elementary School (2.4 miles away)
  • Sam Houston Elementary School (1.8 miles away)
  • C.E. Vail Elementary School (3.1 miles away)
  • Noemi Rodriguez Elementary School (3.2 miles away)
  • William B. Green Junior High School (3.2 miles away)
  • La Feria High School (3.4 miles away)


Located in the heart of La Feria, this property offers residents access to a range of eateries, including: 

  • Los Amigos Restaurant
  • Los Leones Restaurant
  • JC Wing Company
  • La Feria Cafe 
  • Just Fresh
  • Star’s Drive-In
  • South Texas Smokehouse 
  • And many more!


With plenty of fresh food options available in La Feria, residents have access to a variety of grocers in the area including: 

  • El Centro Foods 
  • Ben E. Keith Foods
  • True Foods Markets 
  • Performance Food Group
  • Rangerville Grocery
  • And several more


With nearby proximity to several of the region’s best doctors and medical centers, your health and wellness are a priority to the area’s providers including: 

  • Harlingen Medical Center
  • Knapp Medical Center
  • Knapp Medical Center
  • Valley Baptist Medical Center 
  • Harlingen Family Night Clinic 
  • Boys & Girls Urgent Care
  • Valley Regional Medical Center 
  • South Texas Health System Edinburg 
  • Cornerstone Regional Hospital

Property for Sale in La Feria: SRC Land

For individuals and families looking for a great place to call home, La Feria will exceed all your expectations. Enjoy a small town vibe with access to the best of city amenities; you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the move sooner!

The community of La Feria is steeped in rich history and tradition, and residents form strong ties to one another to create a caring and compassionate community of neighbors. 

Ready to buy? You won’t want to miss this wonderful land opportunity at Reynolds Country Estates!

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How to Protect Your Land From Freezing Temperatures

As the old saying goes, there are four seasons in Texas — drought, flood, blizzard, and twister. While one end of the state may be experiencing record-setting heat, folks at the other end may be feeling arctic blasts of cold. Those elements of surprise are perhaps what makes Texas unique in the eyes of so many. 

The inconsistencies in weather can create a bit of headache for many, especially for South Texas property owners, where weather often turns on a dime. And while most land owners have the know-how to handle challenging climate, the occasional freezing temperatures hitting regions like Harlingen are enough to frustrate even the most seasoned land owner. 

Keeping Your Plants and Trees Safe From the Cold 

Among the various cold weather-related questions many South Texas property owners have is what plants should be of most concern when it comes to harsh frigid temperatures. Garden experts suggest first determining what kind of temperatures are in store. 

Most plants will do well enough to survive if temperatures dip for a single day/night. However, longer cold snaps may affect plants and trees, so property owners in the Rio Grande Valley will have to find strategies to protect more vulnerable foliage. 

Tropical and subtropical plants and newly planted trees on property should be covered. Most garden centers carry products such as frost cloth to give you an advantage against the cold, but old blankets or sheets will work just as well. Experts also advise on not using plastic or paper coverings when the temperatures dip. This is because plastic can conduct cold rather efficiently, increasing the likelihood of damage to your plant’s leaves.

Property owners are also encouraged to water the roots of the plants ahead of a freeze. Watering the soil rather than the plant ensures watering of the root system. If the plant is watered and the temperatures turn cold, then the plant will certainly freeze. Plants that are able to be brought in from the cold should be placed inside your home or in the garage.

So all in all, stick to the three C’s: clustering your container gardens and covering them. 

Protect Pipes and Avoid Costly Mistakes 

Freezing weather doesn’t only affect plants, and if you’ve already built a home on your lot, you’ll want to remember to protect your property’s pipes. As temperatures drop below 32 degrees–and after an extended period of time, typically 24 hours–water turns to ice and can spell trouble for unprotected pipes. 

The ice can put extreme pressure on pipes, but property owners may not discover damage until the ice begins to thaw and cracks become apparent. Experts suggest insulating pipes, including those that are exposed to the elements such as non-insulated attics. 

No need to go all out, either. A simple do-it-yourself approach works, such as wrapping pipes in newspaper, foam, rags, or other cloth and securing with strong tape or rope. 

If you’re going to be out of town and expect the property to be unattended, you may consider cutting off the water and draining the pipes. The costs to replace or repair broken or damaged pipes can be costly, and it’s better to be cautious than regret an avoidable expense later.

Checking in and Helping One Another

It goes without saying, people and pets should avoid exposure to chilly temperatures. Check in with friends and neighbors amid the winter advisories. Land in South Texas is vast and who knows, you may know an elderly neighbor down the road who could use a hand or some helpful advice on keeping their own property protected. 

For over 20 years, the trusted team at SRC Land has worked with customers to build a better tomorrow. Offering affordable land for sale in Harlingen, our selection and service helps you to realize the American dream. 

Making the process simple and reasonable for anyone struggling with conventional lenders, our goal is to help first-time landowners realize their family’s dream of buying land in Texas. Don’t let bad or not credit keep you from living the dream. That’s why we also offer a seller-financing option.

Stay warm during all of this cold weather, and if you’re ready to make your dream of owning land in Harlingen, Texas, a reality, contact SRC Land today!

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Deciding on the Right Property Size for Your Needs

If you’re in the market to buy property, chances are you’ve likely put careful thought into your investment strategy. Those looking to test the waters will find the current market offers great rates and enough inventory to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

As you plan your next step and consider several of the factors needed to make a smart decision, something to determine is the property size that will meet your needs. While you may think that a larger property means a better investment, that may not always be the case. 

As an investor, it’s best to consider all property types. But remember to keep in mind your personal circumstances, including budget, and how to weigh these against your planning.  

Things to Consider When Buying a Large Lot

If you’re looking to set down roots, Harlingen is a great option. Safe, family-friendly, affordable, and within proximity to great amenities, this thriving Texas community offers great opportunities to secure a tract of land so you can turn your dreams into reality. 

Once you find your dream property, but before you move forward with making a big financial decision, determine if the land size you’re looking into meets your expectations. A larger property size may require land clearance and preparation that could eat away at your savings or your budget. 

In order to properly consider a larger property, prospective owners will have to rely on a topographic map to identify the ideal flat areas to build a home or other structures. If possible, you’ll want to find spaces free of rocks and vegetation, but the larger the property, the greater the investment in time and labor to do so.

Clearing and grading land can also pose a significant expense, and for buyers working with a budget, this cost could impact the quality of the home you build. That is, buyers of larger lots who must invest in clearing may have to offset and/or sacrifice costs elsewhere.  

Benefits of a Larger Property

An advantage of a larger property is the ability to build a more sizable home, and in turn, offer more space for use for you and your family – or for future renters. From an investor’s perspective, this is an advantage that can translate to more income down the road. 

In this case, identifying  you and your family’s long-term goals will help you determine whether it makes the most sense to invest in a larger property. For example, a larger property might make most sense to a family with young children, but may not be the ideal choice for a family whose children will soon be off to college. 

Larger lots may also mean greater access to things that appeal to any property owner, including: 


  • Privacy A larger lot means more privacy and more space between neighbors. This is one of the most important reasons buyers invest in larger lots. 
  • Landscaping An advantage of a larger lot is having the ability to landscape it as you wish. Landscaping offers the opportunity to enhance your home’s curb appeal, while making it a more relaxing and beautiful place to live. 
  • Expansion Opportunities You’ll have the chance to add more living space to your future home when you have enough available land. Whether it be a deck, a patio, or an in-ground pool, larger lots offer the potential to build out and design a home that appeals to you. 
  • Outdoor Activities Families with pets or children will benefit from a larger lot and more space to play and run around. 
  • Income More land equals more possibility for income. You can create a vegetable garden or other recreational businesses to generate additional income.
  • Easy Sell A larger lot can be more desirable to potential buyers, and is likely to sell more quickly if much of the work needed has already been put in. 


If you’re looking for land for sale in Harlingen, and are interested in seeing a variety of tracts of land available for purchase, SRC Land can help make your dream of land ownership a reality.

Looking for the perfect place to put down your roots? 

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Ready to Invest? A Helpful Guide for Buying Property in 2021

For many, the start of a new year is the perfect time to take on new challenges and explore new opportunities. Looking toward a healthy financial future is also a big motivator for those wanting to do more in 2021, and property buying is a great step in the right direction if you’re looking to generate more income in the year ahead and beyond. 

But the idea of buying property can seem intimidating as you ask yourself where to begin. If you’re ready to invest and buy a property, SRC Land knows exactly what you must do. Following the steps outlined below can help you make an informed decision and assist you throughout the buying process. 


1. Finding the Right Property 

The first step to take once you’ve made the decision to invest in real estate is to decide the right type of property to buy based on your needs and expectations. Consider the long-term implications of the kind of property you’re looking to purchase. 

Buying a property to ultimately use for rental income is one strategy, while buying property to eventually sell in the future may be another. A long-term outlook for what you’d like from your property will help you make the right decision for you and your family.


2. Find the Right Team

Talking to experts or more experienced buyers is another step to take to ensure you’re on the right path. A local real estate agent will likely have extensive experience with investors and give you a better understanding for the key differences between buying an investment property and land for a primary home. 

As you put together a team to help you purchase your property, in addition to an agent, you’ll want to consider a home inspector, insurance agent, and appraiser, but the brokerage firm or real estate agent you work with will help guide you to these professionals.


3. Identify Investment Goals

Define what your investment goals are, whether you’re ultimately looking to build a single-family home or purchase land for a multi-unit property, and this will help you determine what and where you’ll be buying.

It’s important to be realistic about what you can take on financially to give you the best return on your investment. Sitting down with your lender to discuss current rates and identify finance strategies will paint a better picture about the smartest routes to take when deciding to invest.


4. Compare Several Properties Before Buying

Explore the properties available in your area of choice, and look at the nearby amenities that would make it a more attractive investment. Maybe you’re looking for property that’s easily accessible to local hot spots, or you’re looking for real estate that boasts great views and privacy. Comparing properties will be a great way to ensure you’re not missing out on seeing a property’s potential when making a decision. 

In exploring a property’s potential, also look at realistic expectations about how much work you’re willing or able to put in. You might find a diamond in the rough in need of upkeep or work, but how much time and money will need to be put in to meet your standards?


5. Finding the Right Lender

The final step in the buying process will be to determine the kind of financing available to you. Whether you’re applying for a traditional loan or will require seller financing services, by this point you should have an understanding for what terms are available to you based on your credit, down payment, etc. Finding the right lender is critical to ensuring you’re moving in the right direction. 

Because the decision to invest is a major one, make sure you identify a trusted company to work with when buying your dream property. For more than 20 years, SRC Land has worked with individuals and families to make the process of land buying simple and reasonable for anyone struggling with conventional lenders. 

Whether you’re working with bad or no credit, SRC Land offers seller financing options for people looking to experience the American dream. SRC Land offers low down payments and affordable monthly payments throughout Texas, including beautiful owner financed properties for sale in Harlingen. 

If you’re ready to invest in your dream property this 2021, SRC Land will assist you each step of the way. Contact us today to check out the amazing land opportunities available, and let us guide you on the path toward your dream property. 


Let SRC Land offer you the best in seller financing options and an easier way towards realizing your dream of owning your own property.


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