A Little Spring Cleaning for Your Land

With spring right around the corner, most of us are looking forward to enjoying the consistently warm weather and fresh outdoors — preferably in a clean yard with luscious grass and vibrant plants.

Those who own land know that spring cleaning is not only about keeping your yard tidy, but also maintaining your property so that you can enjoy the warmer seasons outside.


How Can You Beautify Your Land?

The winter weather in South Texas is so unpredictable, one day it can feel like the middle of summer, and the next day the temperature can drop to near freezing. Once spring starts, we can look forward to our more consistent warm climate. 

This should be motivation for landowners to start cleaning up the damage made from the bursts of freezing temperatures we’ve experienced in recent months.  

Below are some strategies to spring clean your yard: 


1. Create a Plan for Landscaping Projects

Creating a plan is the first step that you should definitely not skip. Being organized can help you achieve your vision and not waste time or money. 

We recommend you make lists, draw up a map of your current land, and add notes on changes you would like to make.

Some ideas for easy renovations include repaving cement pathways, adding or changing fencing, or adding new crops or vegetables to your gardens. 

2. Tidy Up

Start by extracting any dead branches, trees, or bushes from your yard. If you don’t have the means or knowledge to do so, you can always hire someone who has the proper tools to get the job done. 

Next, remove any weeds that have grown in your gardens or anywhere on your land. This can quickly make a big difference in the appearance of your yard. Don’t forget about removing the weeds on the edges of your property to keep it looking neat and sleek.

Utilize this time to extract any debris that may have fallen on your property from surrounding foliage. Debris can prevent your grass from getting the sunlight it needs to thrive. Having vibrant grass is a key element of making your yard look nice and clean. 

3. Protect Your Plants

Keep an eye out for any bug infestations on your plants or grass. If you happen to see bugs in your plants, do some research to identify the bugs and how you can get rid of them. You can also hire a professional to get rid of the problem for you.

If rabbits or other local wildlife are destroying the hard work you’ve put into your crops and gardens, it’s best to add fencing around the crops you need to protect. 

4. Revive Your Yard From Adverse Climate

Removing weeds and debris is a good start to reviving any patches of grass that may have turned brown. You can aerate the soil where the brown patches are by combing a rake through those areas. This will also be a good time to add grass seeds, plant food, and fertilizer that will all help rejuvenate your grass. 


SRC Land Offers Seller-Finance Properties to Anyone Who Aspires to Become a Land Owner

Although spring cleaning your land may seem taxing, the satisfaction of having a beautiful yard will make it worthwhile.

If you are looking into owning land to beautify, SRC Land has land for sale in Harlingen. SRC Land has been making owning land possible for anyone interested for over 20 years. 


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Ideal Climate and Soil for Crops in South Texas

In the Rio Grande Valley, our summers can be hot and seem to trickle into every season. Hot and warm weather are predominant in our yearly climate. Furthermore, this causes our winters to be shorter and come in bursts, instead of an entire season of cold weather. 

This constant warmth is beneficial for those who grow crops or for those looking for property for sale in Harlingen to grow crops because this allows you to grow year-round and possibly start a lucrative business.

Another great asset to owning seller-financed property in Harlingen is utilizing one of Texas’s greatest natural resources – rich, nutrient soil.

If you are interested in owning land for growing crops, our experts at SRC Land can help you take advantage of South Texas’ ideal climate and land.

About the Climate in Harlingen 

On average, the temperature in Harlingen rarely drops below 55 degrees. Although we do have freezes during the winter, if the temperature drops to freezing temperatures, it only lasts a few days.

In South Texas, cool weather only lasts a month or two, with the average temperature being 75 degrees. 

With that being said, you can come to the conclusion that Harlingen has a sub-tropical climate. The Rio Grande Valley is also known for its humidity, which is at the optimal percentage for crop growing. 

The rest of the year ranges from warm to hot weather, the hottest month being August. The warm weather, even during fall months (October and November), is perfect for growing an array of crops.

About the Soil in Property for Sale in Harlingen 

In the Rio Grande Valley, you will find many different soils, whereas other parts of the country only have a couple of types of soils. We are fortunate enough to have soils that are most suitable for growing crops. These soils are sand, silt, and clay. 

The mixture of these soils is called loam, which makes the soil rich and full of beneficial nutrients for your crops. The surface drainage ranged from slow to rapid, but the humidity helps keep the soil moist between rain and watering. Be cautious of overwatering, though, as that can be harmful to your crops. 

SRC Land Offers Seller-Financed Property in Harlingen

SRC Land has assisted aspiring landowners reach their goals for over 20 years. With our seller-financed properties available, we can help make the dream of owning property and growing a business a reality. 

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How to Bring Your Yard Back to Life After a Cold Winter?

Although the weather in South Texas is usually warm all year, the past few years, our winters have had bursts of harsh, freezing temperatures. 

The drop in temperatures can be a threat to those growing crops and property owners with yards that are vibrant and full of life. After a freeze, grass can become dry, brown, and dull-looking, while shrubs and trees can become weak and fragile. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can revive your yards in time to spend a romantic recap outside on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by lively, colorful plants and bright green grass with your sweetheart? If you grow flowers in your lot, gifting them will be extra special since they come from your personal yard. 

SRC Land wants you to impress your loved ones with a beautiful yard after you’ve bought an affordable lot for sale in Harlingen, but if you’re buying land later on this year, you may want to bring it back to life after harsh freezing weather. Check out these tips.

Check and Fix Any Damage to the Grass on Your Lot

Start by extracting any brown and damaged branches and leaves from your yards. This task can be tough, so you might need to hire someone if you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge on how to do so.

Initially, the color of your grass will be brought to your attention. Your once luscious, green grass will be freckled with patches of brown as the weather shifts back to our normal climate. Aerate the soil in the areas of your yard that need the most care; you can do this by raking the soil in the affected area. 

Raking the damaged patches of grass will help remove any weeds or debris that accumulated on the surface of the soil. The marks and holes in the soil left by the rake will assist fertilizer, plant food, and treatments seep into the earth. 

Fertilize Your Land Correctly 

If you are hesitant about starting this project, consult with an expert before you begin. 

Applying fertilizer works best when you water a couple of days before or wait until after a rainy day. After the land is dry, you can invest in special equipment used to apply fertilizer, or if you would like a simpler, do-it-yourself approach, you can shovel fertilizer and throw it onto the soil. 

After the fertilization process, it is best you water your land again. Experts suggest repeating this process at the beginning of spring and summer. During the growing time, you might need to add additional plant food to maintain your grass and help it thrive. 

On another note, keep an eye out for bug infestations. If you see any, you can research what kind of insect they are and how you can get rid of them. Another option is to hire an expert to identify and dispose of the problem. 

Plant Grass Seeds

During winter weather, soil tends to freeze and thaw causing damage to the roots of your grass, trees, crops, and shrubs. If you are lucky, plants will come back to life as soon as spring starts, but sometimes you may have to apply treatments to speed up the process or help revive some foliage. 

If your grass quantity has decreased due to adverse climate, we suggest you combine grass seeds with the soil. You can match the grass seed to the type of grass you already have, or find a grass you prefer or that grows best in our South Texas climate.

SRC Land Offers Seller-financed Lots and Advice on How To Thrive as a Landowner

SRC Land has been helping aspiring landowners for over 20 years.

If you want to impress your sweetheart by owning a beautiful and lively yard, contact our experts at SRC Land to inquire about our property for sale in Harlingen! 

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How to Protect Your Land From Freezing Temperatures

It isn’t a secret that winter in Texas can be unpredictable. The start of the week can feel like a summer day and by the weekend temperatures drop below freezing. The past few winters in South Texas have been very different from our usually warm weather. 

 The inconsistencies in weather can create a bit of a struggle for many, especially for property owners in the Rio Grande Valley. Landowners are often knowledgeable in how to handle the change in weather, but even seasoned professionals can stress when freezing temperatures unexpectedly hit areas like Harlingen. 

Keep Your Plants and Trees Safe From the Cold 

One of the many questions property owners in South Texas have when it comes to freezing weather is understanding which plants are most at risk during these times. First, it is suggested to investigate what kind of weather is in store.

 The majority of plants are resilient enough to survive a single day or night in colder temperatures. However, if the temperatures dip for longer, plants and trees may be affected. 

Property owners will need to come up with strategies to protect vulnerable foliage when temperatures drop below freezing for multiple days. 

Newly planted trees and tropical plants should be covered when the cold rolls in. Garden centers usually have products, like frost cloth, to help protect your plants from the cold but old blankets or sheets can also get the job done. Experts advise against using plastic or paper to cover plants because plastic can conduct cold and increase the chance of damaging the plants. 

It may be in your best interest to keep an eye on when the weather is supposed to drop. Watering the roots instead of the entire plant before a freeze is encouraged because the root system will be watered and the plant won’t freeze. If you can, move plants indoors into your garage or a shed.  

Protect Pipes and Avoid Expensive Errors 

Freezing weather affects more than gardens and trees. If you already have a home built on your seller-financed lot, remember to shield the pipes on your property from the frigid weather. Water turns to ice if the temperature drops below 32 degrees for 24 hours or longer. This can cause trouble for unprotected pipes.

 Pipes can suffer extreme pressure if ice forms inside them and it may take the ice beginning to thaw until any damage becomes apparent. It is suggested by experts to insulate the pipes, including those that may not be exposed to the weather, such as pipes placed in non-insulated attics. 

Protecting your pipes can be done by wrapping them in newspaper, foam, sheets, or any type of cloth and securing them with strong tape or rope.

 If you won’t be on your property during the freezing temperatures, consider shutting the water off and draining the pipes. Replacing or repairing impaired or broken pipes can be costly so one can agree it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Be a Good Neighbor and Help One Another

Check-in with your friends, family, and neighbors amid the weather advisories. You never know when someone may require assistance or can help you with protecting your property. 

For over 20 years, the trusted team at SRC Land has worked with customers to help them build amazing futures. Offering affordable land for sale in Harlingen, you can live the American dream with one of our lots for sale. 

Stay warm during freezing weather, and if you’re ready to make your dream of owning land in Harlingen, Texas, contact SRC Land today!

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