Choosing the Right Lot for Your Dream Home

Considering the natural beauty and welcoming communities so key to what makes Texas Texas, it’s no surprise that nearly four million people moved to Texas between 2010 and 2018. Many people moving into the state may hang their hat in an apartment while others may choose to rent homes or condos, but overwhelmingly, many individuals are finally realizing their dream of owning land to build their legacy is well within their grasp.

To try to make that hunt a little easier, the real estate team at SRC Land have gathered information covering the basics of what you should know before looking for the place your home will ultimately rest on. Our dedicated team members work tirelessly to help the people looking to settle in the city of Harlingen find the land that’s right for them.

1. Really Think About Your Desired Location

This is the area that most of us think about first when considering where our dream will be located. Take the frustration out of finding a location right for you by doing the following:

  1. Check out the neighborhood to make sure you will feel comfortable there.
  2. Make sure the area is right for your lifestyle.
  3. Visualize your home on the lot, and check if it feels right.
  4. Listen to the traffic noise to make sure it’s not too loud.
  5. Look at the area at different times of the day to get a sense of the atmosphere.
  6. Bring friends or family to help you decide.

And, most importantly, consider and compare at least a few different options. Don’t settle for the first location right away.

2. Consider What Type of Lot is Right for You

The lot that you build on serves as the canvas for your masterpiece, and every slope of the land will affect what your home will look like. Below you can read about the different sorts of lots you can consider for your optimal build:

  • Flat — This is the default layout when we think of when building homes. As neat as a perfectly flat lot may look, it may not be the ideal lot for your needs. Although uncommon in Texas, building homes with basements on flat lots are susceptible to flooding, especially after a particularly rainy season.
  • View — A view lot is exactly what it sounds like: a lot with a view. The scenic views surrounding the plots of land allow you to accentuate its natural beauty within the design of your home.
  • Corner — Corner lots can be perfect for home design. Corner lots make side and back entries possible, but this can make their cost higher than other lots.
  • Narrow — If you’re looking to build your home in a more urban area, you will probably be looking for a narrow lot. Narrow lots are becoming more and more popular for home builds.
  • Sloped — Lots that are sloped to one side or the other can open up all sorts of interesting design options.

3. Overcome the Technical Details

Now that you know about the different types of lots, it’s time to learn about the practical concerns that come with building a home. Below are more of the technical aspects you will need to consider when choosing a lot for your home:

  • Accessibility — Where is the lot positioned? Is it difficult to access the main road? This can become a serious issue should an emergency occur and medical professionals cannot get quick access to your home.
  • Amenities Are there shops, schools, and childcare services in the area that will fit you and your families needs?
  • Orientation North-facing lots are usually a good choice, but don’t forget to take lot orientation into account.
  • Privacy Check that there is no overlooking issue–neighboring homes with windows that invade your privacy, for instance–that would make you uncomfortable to live on the lot. 
  • Utility Connections — To live on a lot, you will need to make sure it is connected to all the necessary utilities like water, sewage or septic tank system, and access to electric, telephone, and internet services.

4. Ask Your Builder

Your builder has a lot of experience in constructing beautiful homes on all sorts of lots, and if you are planning to build your own home, you should consider talking to him or her before choosing your lot.

A builder can help explain all of the information you need to know and how it will influence her or his work. Your builder can also adjust your designs to fit your lot or help you find the perfect lot that meets all of your design needs.

Whether you need a commercial or residential lot for sale in Harlingen, SRC Land has what you need.

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