Choosing the Right Plants for Your Land

Hey Landowners, Need Help Choosing the Right Plants for Your Land in Harlingen?

With your lot, you may feel like a painter with a blank canvas. While the possibilities of what you can do to beautify your land may seem endless, you don’t need to be a gardener (or have one around) to have nice greenery on your land.

It’s all about knowing the environment you’re in, your land, and your preferences. Today at SRC Land, we’ll be giving you some tips on how to choose the right plants for your land to create the landscape of your dreams–all without needing much of a green thumb.

Know Your Surroundings

The first step to make your green dream come to life comes with a little bit of homework. As with everything in life, a little preparation is key!

Observe the particular area that you want to grow a few plants in, think about what plants that you know of would look good there, and go from there. While it sounds easy, it does require a little bit of knowledge of the types of plants that thrive in the environment your lot rests in. The last thing you’d want is to plant a beautiful patch of pansies, only to see them wilt and die off during a Texas heat wave.

Look for native plants, as they tend to be low maintenance. Heat-tolerant plants such as buttercup, portulaca, yarrow, stonecrop, sunflowers, and verbena grow best in dry, high-temperature conditions that are normal in Texas, all while pleasing the eye.

Make Sure Your Soil (and Drainage) is Just Right

Check your soil to ensure that it has a balanced pH level and adequate nutrition. Too much pH in the soil can stunt a plant’s growth. Plants depend on soil because it provides support, moisture, and nutrients, but sometimes, a little bit too much of the good stuff can be unhealthy to plants.

Avoid excess moisture. Work the soil properly and place drainage pipes or raised zones to get rid of the excess and prevent root rot. Heavy rainfall or frequent watering in combination with poorly drained soil beds reduces plant yield and increases the risk of losses due to these types of root diseases.

For the Texas climate and soil, it is better to choose plants that can tolerate drought conditions. Keep in mind that even drought-tolerant plants need a period of establishment with enough water to take root and then be able to tolerate drier conditions. Look for plants that are drought-tolerant like aloe, geranium, coneflower, the Texas ranger rosemary, or creeping sedum.

Make a Plan

First thing you should do is locate the access points and determine where your living area will be. Decide which part of the lot you would like to beautify or stand out, where you would like to have shade, and where you think it all might look best. Don’t forget to take into account if your land is uneven or has complicated angles.

But don’t just stop there. Plants can spruce up any backyard stone pavers, wood decking, gravel pathways, or front porches. How you want your lot to look like is only limited by your imagination!

We here at SRC Land have been doing land development for decades, and over that time, we have picked up many different ways you can beautify your slice of the American Dream.

We may take pride in offering affordable lots for sale in Harlingen, Texas through our seller-financing solutions, but the joy we feel and see in helping first-time land buyers fulfill their dream of owning land is the reason why we do what we do.

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