SRC Land: Owner-Financed Properties in Donna and Surrounding Communities

SRC Land understands that finding the right property that matches what you have always envisioned can be a complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be.

The property experts of SRC Land are here to guide you through the process of finding the right piece of land to match your needs. With over 40 years of experience in the land development industry, we have a thorough understanding of how to take all the kinks out of the property searching process for customers and make it as streamlined as possible.

Now, let’s find your ideal land for sale in Donna.

Matching You with Your Perfect Lot

Let’s face it. Businesses and people all across the country are flocking to Texas. Whether you are already a Texan or are looking to set up roots in the Rio Grande Valley, SRC Land is here to help you navigate the property buying process so that you can become a resident of the great Lone Star State.

We work behind the scenes and guide you to every possible piece of land that would be ideal for you. Here are some tips that our real estate team has compiled that you should be aware of when you’re searching through real estates listings in Donna:

Make sure the area that you are interested in suits your lifestyle by conducting some research on the neighborhood. Think about schools, safety, neighbors, etc.
Is the lot that you are interested in right for you? The position that your lot is located affects the impact of how your home will look.
Sort out the details. What amenities are you looking for? Being thorough in the details today can save you potential headaches in the future.
Ask questions. A reputable real estate agency should be able to answer most of your concerns when it comes to real estate listings. Open communication is important.

SRC Land’s Dynamic Customer Relationships

We’ve been in business since 1978. With over 40 years in the property industry, we know the dynamics of land ownership. Our president and founder, Scot Campbell, started SRC Land with the conviction that if you treat people right, give them a good piece of land at a reasonable price, everything else will fall into place. With this vision and motto in place, SRC Land develops properties throughout South Texas (Cameron, Hidalgo, and Starr Counties).

Whether it’s a condo at the island, ranchland away from the city, or a home in Donna, SRC Land is here to help make your land buying adventure memorable.

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