Consider This First Before Buying Land for Sale in Harlingen

If it’s your first time embarking on this adventure, you’re probably going to have a lot of questions. Is one lot better or worse than another? Is it going to be very expensive? What should I look for when choosing land?

Whether you’re looking for affordable lots in Harlingen to build a home or want to invest in building a rental property, buying land is a great opportunity that reaps big rewards. To clear any concerns or reservations you may have around this subject, we here at SRC Land have a few tips on how you can find the right piece of land that meets your needs.

1. Know Why and What’s Around

The first thing you need to do before you actively consider buying land is to discover why you want to buy land and for what you will use it for in the future. While this may seem rather straightforward, there are a lot of things to consider first.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to buy land that is quickly accessible to medical care, fire/rescue facilities, schools, and other public utilities, but your interests should come in hand here as well. Try to find a place where you can see yourself doing the activities and hobbies you enjoy doing.

For instance, if you have a green thumb and see yourself planting a beautiful garden, you’re going to need a lot that is spacious and has soil that is rich in nutrients. If you like to go hiking or the outdoors, you surely wouldn’t like to live in a zone where there’s no possibility for it. If you like to go shopping, you’ll want to be near a place with great shopping options.

You get the idea.

In Harlingen TX, there are many superb medical/rescue facilities, parks, and other great green zones surrounding the area, and it’s also an area that offers a wide range of amenities around the city so you won’t miss out on a variety of great deals.

2. Check for Utilities and Other Services

Another important thing to check before you secure your land purchase is which services and utilities are available in the area you’re interested in. When you ultimately build your home, you will need a water supply, electricity, gas, lighting, waste collection, and adequate drainage.

Then don’t forget to use the money you would save from taking advantage of our seller-financing options to search for and install TV cable or satellite, internet, and telephone services.

While the latter are much easier to acquire than the former, all of them could be considered necessary utilities and services. Should any of them be missing from your lot, a search engine like Google can become your best friend.

Search for any of the above utilities in the city you’re looking to move into, and you should be presented a few links to these local providers in the search engine results page.

3. Check Lot Specifics

Certain zoning laws may pose a challenge during your construction. Certain areas may require that the house can only be so big or that construction must take into consideration certain hurricane-proofing tactics, to name a few.

And if the land’s soil quality and elevation/drainage isn’t meeting your expectations for your residence or rental property, that could cause problems after construction as well.

Take the following into consideration before you secure your land purchase:

  1. If you plan on farming, does the soil contain enough nutrients and balanced pH levels to support plants or crops?
  2. Has the land been used by companies to mine or drill for oil? Was the land used for garbage disposal? Chemicals may still be present in the land if this was the case.
  3. Is the area prone to bad weather like severe thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes?
  4. Can the area drain effectively? Can it move out water quick enough to prevent flooding and property damage?

For information regarding zoning laws, reach out to your county’s assessor office or your municipality’s planning or building department.

4. Consider All of Your Costs

Always know what your budget is, and stick to it! There are many costs and fees to consider before buying new land in Harlingen, and it’s always good to be prepared beforehand so that there are less hiccups later.

Sit down one afternoon and take into account what all of these costs will be, such as:

  • The costs for any permits necessary.
  • The cost of purchasing your desired land.
  • The construction expenses associated with your residence or rental property.
  • Costs associated with installing utilities on your land.

Plant Your Family Roots With SRC Land Today

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that this piece of land is the beginning of many adventures, memories, and experiences with your family for years to come. While this may be a nerve-wracking experience for first-time buyers, it doesn’t have to be.

SRC Land is a premier land development company, and for decades we have done what it takes to make sure that people realize and celebrate their dream of owning land. We take pride in our affordable lots for sale in Harlingen, Texas, and we take joy in seeing first-time land buyers smile when we offer a seller-financing option that fits their needs and budget.

Stop Hesitating and Start Living the American Dream. Our Land Experts Can Get You Started and Answer Any Questions or Concerns You May Have About Owning Land.

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