Curb Appeal: 6 Ways To Make Your Home Look Good

You’ve got the land, and have built your home. Now it’s time to keep up with maintenance and making sure your home looks beautiful all the time!

At SRC Land, we want to make sure that when you buy land from us to build your home, you know everything there is to keep your home looking like new! So, how can you make sure your house has curb appeal?

Let us tell you how!

What Is Curb Appeal?

Any real estate agent with experience can tell you that what makes a house attractive is curb appeal. Curb appeal is a term used to describe the general attractiveness of a house or other piece of property from the sidewalk.

Don’t let your house be the ugly duckling of the neighborhood with these easy tips:

1.Take a Step Back

You can’t tell how your home looks if you don’t take time to see how it looks from the outside. Drive at different times of the day around your house to see how it looks from different angles and under different kinds of lights.

2.Spruce Up Your Porch

Your porch is like the cover of your home. The kind of furniture or decorations you have can tell a lot about your lifestyle. Even your welcome mat is important to showing your personality. Remember first impressions are meaningful!

3.Don’t Ignore The Landscape

How often do you hire a landscaper to give your front lawn a touch-up? Probably not often enough. From keeping your bushes in the right shapes to fixing garden decorations or stepping stones. These are important little features to keep an eye on and to make sure your home looks taken care of.

Having the right plants and taking care of them is very important. Dead plants are not a good look for any home. Read more about the perfect plants for your plot of land.

4.Keeping Up Appearances

We mean it quite literally. The state of your house says a lot about you. Making sure to give your house a fresh coat of paint when needed, cleaning any grimy windows, upgrading your house numbers and mailbox, along with repairing any cracks or defects on your driveway can make your house look as good as new.

5.Let There Be Light

Now, what’s the point of having an amazing curb appeal if at night it’s all going to be hidden in the shadows? Not only that, but a lack of proper outside lighting could lead to accidents and trips. Make sure to have good light fixtures outside so people can see where to walk and how beautiful your home is.

6.Care For Your Roof

Not only is the roof a big feature of your house, but it also can be very expensive to replace and – if not taken care of properly – a damaged roof can lead to water damage.

Make sure to always keep your gutters clean to avoid any unpleasant smells or ruining parts of your roof. Also, having your roof cleaned is a great way to keep it in a good condition. Your roof will look much better without all the dark spots on it.

A Healthy House Is An Appealing House

You can increase your home’s curb appeal by simply giving good maintenance to your home. Keep it clean and properly taken care of and everyone will notice the difference.

This could also save you some money since any damages or future issues can be avoided with routine check-ups, which means more money to upgrade your home!

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