How to Bring Your Yard Back to Life After a Cold Winter?

Although the weather in South Texas is usually warm all year, the past few years, our winters have had bursts of harsh, freezing temperatures. 

The drop in temperatures can be a threat to those growing crops and property owners with yards that are vibrant and full of life. After a freeze, grass can become dry, brown, and dull-looking, while shrubs and trees can become weak and fragile. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can revive your yards in time to spend a romantic recap outside on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by lively, colorful plants and bright green grass with your sweetheart? If you grow flowers in your lot, gifting them will be extra special since they come from your personal yard. 

SRC Land wants you to impress your loved ones with a beautiful yard after you’ve bought an affordable lot for sale in Harlingen, but if you’re buying land later on this year, you may want to bring it back to life after harsh freezing weather. Check out these tips.

Check and Fix Any Damage to the Grass on Your Lot

Start by extracting any brown and damaged branches and leaves from your yards. This task can be tough, so you might need to hire someone if you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge on how to do so.

Initially, the color of your grass will be brought to your attention. Your once luscious, green grass will be freckled with patches of brown as the weather shifts back to our normal climate. Aerate the soil in the areas of your yard that need the most care; you can do this by raking the soil in the affected area. 

Raking the damaged patches of grass will help remove any weeds or debris that accumulated on the surface of the soil. The marks and holes in the soil left by the rake will assist fertilizer, plant food, and treatments seep into the earth. 

Fertilize Your Land Correctly 

If you are hesitant about starting this project, consult with an expert before you begin. 

Applying fertilizer works best when you water a couple of days before or wait until after a rainy day. After the land is dry, you can invest in special equipment used to apply fertilizer, or if you would like a simpler, do-it-yourself approach, you can shovel fertilizer and throw it onto the soil. 

After the fertilization process, it is best you water your land again. Experts suggest repeating this process at the beginning of spring and summer. During the growing time, you might need to add additional plant food to maintain your grass and help it thrive. 

On another note, keep an eye out for bug infestations. If you see any, you can research what kind of insect they are and how you can get rid of them. Another option is to hire an expert to identify and dispose of the problem. 

Plant Grass Seeds

During winter weather, soil tends to freeze and thaw causing damage to the roots of your grass, trees, crops, and shrubs. If you are lucky, plants will come back to life as soon as spring starts, but sometimes you may have to apply treatments to speed up the process or help revive some foliage. 

If your grass quantity has decreased due to adverse climate, we suggest you combine grass seeds with the soil. You can match the grass seed to the type of grass you already have, or find a grass you prefer or that grows best in our South Texas climate.

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If you want to impress your sweetheart by owning a beautiful and lively yard, contact our experts at SRC Land to inquire about our property for sale in Harlingen! 

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