How to Buy Affordable Oceanfront Property in Texas

Buying land on the ocean doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are ways to buy land near the water without breaking the bank. 

If you want to buy waterfront property in Texas, but you don’t have unlimited funds, keep reading to learn how to find affordable oceanfront land for sale in Texas. You can make your dream of land ownership a reality.

1. Location, Location, Location

The first step to buying affordable waterfront property is considering your location options. First of all, it’s worth looking into land in areas that aren’t top tourist locations. For instance, rather than looking for land on South Padre Island itself, you could look for land in nearby Port Isabel.

Next, take time to determine exactly how close to the water you need to be. Do you want your own private boat dock, or is a short walk to the beach an acceptable option? The further from the coastline you’re willing to go, the more affordable your choices are likely to be.

2. Work with a Texas Land Developer

Next, no matter what type of land you’re interested in buying, turning to a Texas land developer is a great way to find fully developed land at affordable prices.

By working with a land developer, you can gain access to their portfolio of properties as well as their services as developers. That means you can get the utilities and zoning you need on the property you want, all for a low price. If you’re looking for the smartest way to buy oceanfront land in Texas, you need to work with an experienced Texas land developer.

3. Use Owner Financing

For the ultimate land-price hack, consider buying land using owner financing. Owner financing is a way to buy land without the intermediary of a traditional lender. In other words, you as the buyer work directly with the seller to make a financing agreement. That means you’ll get to skip out on all the red tape that comes with getting a loan from a bank.

By using owner financing, you can gain access to great rates and low down payments, all without a credit check. If you want to buy land with no credit, owner financing is the way to go.

4. Turn to SRC Land for Affordable Waterfront Land for Sale

If you’re looking for the ultimate secret weapon for buying affordable waterfront property in Texas, SRC Land is the partner you need. We have a selection of near-waterfront properties at super-low prices for you to choose from. You don’t have to be a millionaire to live near the ocean; you just need a hand from SRC Land.

Reach out today to talk to a salesperson about our available Port Isabel land for sale. We can help you find the right land for your dream home or vacation getaway. 

Find the perfect waterfront lot for you with SRC Land. Check out our available properties below!

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