How to Increase Land Value, Learn From Texas Land Developers!

If you’re interested in buying land in Texas, you might be wondering about your options for increasing the value of land once you own it. The good news is, there are tons of ways for you to add to the value of your Texas property.

Keep reading to learn from Texas land developers about how to increase land value in Texas.

1. Add Utilities

Adding utilities to the property is one of the best ways to add value to your land. This means things like electric lines and water and sewer hookups. Before adding utilities to your land, you’ll first need to find out what utilities are already available. Once you know what utilities you’d like to add, you can follow the tips below:

  • Adding Water — Have the land assessed to determine if a well can be dug, and check for available water lines nearby by calling the local water supplier, usually the city government.
  • Adding Sewer — Have the land assessed for a septic system, and check for available municipal sewer system lines by calling the local government for properties in town.
  • Adding Electric — Check for power lines visible on your property, and call the local government to ask for the energy supplier in that area.

A Texas land developer like SRC Land can help you determine what utilities would be most beneficial to the value of your land, and help you through the process of adding utilities to the property.

2. Build Fencing

Adding fencing around your land can be a relatively simple way to add value to the property. Fences bring with them quite a few advantages, including added security from trespassers and predators and a clear distinction of the property line. Before adding fencing, you will need to get in touch with both the city and county to check for regulations. 

There are many different options for fencing, and each comes with unique benefits. Deciding which is right for your property will depend on your budget, your location, and the purpose of the fence. A Texas land developer can help you decide on the right fence for your property.

3. Add Access

Another great albeit more complex way to add value to your land is by adding new and better access routes to the property. Access is a big deciding factor when it comes to how a piece of land can be developed and used, and having more access is always a better thing when it comes to land value. If your land is hard to get to, it’s less likely to sell and less valuable to buyers.

4. Change Zoning

What you can build on land in Texas depends on the zoning. On residentially zoned property, you can build homes and structures used for dwellings; on commercial property, you can build businesses, offices, and apartments; and on industrial land, you can build factories, refineries, and other similar facilities. Depending on the location of your land, different types of zoning may be more or less desirable, and thus more or less valuable.

5. Land Maintenance

Curb appeal isn’t just for houses. Putting in the time or money to have your property maintained can go a long way toward increasing its value. Land maintenance includes things like managing trees and shrubs, and generally improving the appearance of your land. Maintaining healthy plant life on your land will help add to its value.

6. Build on Your Land

Last but not least, perhaps the most obvious way to add value to your land is by building on it. You will need to carefully decide and plan where and what to build while keeping your budget and the unique characteristics of your property in mind. What you can build will be based on the zoning, and you may wish to change zoning before building in order to build the most valuable structure possible given your location.

Find Affordable Land for Sale in Cameron County With SRC Land

Now that you know how to increase the value of your land, you can make the most out of the awesome opportunities presented by land investment in Texas. Land is almost always a great investment choice, and Texas is one of the best places to invest in land.

If you’re looking for land that will increase in value over time, you’ve come to the right place. The Texas land developers at SRC Land can help you find valuable properties with tons of potential— at the right price. Reach out to find land for sale in Cameron County.

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