How To Make Sure Weeds Don’t Grow On Your Yard

What is one thing that can make your yard go from looking extraordinary to unkempt and messy? The number one culprit is weeds. Essentially, weeds are unwanted plants that grow in less than ideal places. 

Having weeds in your yard is not only aesthetically displeasing, but can also be an open invitation for bug infestations and diseases that can ruin your plants. If you are a landowner or are considering looking at lots for sale in Harlingen, TX, the team at SRC Land suggests you inform yourselves on how to keep those pesky, unwanted weeds off your yard with this guide. 

Some Facts About Weeds 

Just like all plants, there are various types of weeds. The type of weed typically falls under one of three categories: 

    • broadleaf weeds
    • grassy weeds
    • grass-like weeds

It is important to know what kind of weeds you are dealing with to better assess the problem and develop a solution. Specific types of weeds include:

    • dandelions 
    • crabgrass
    • thistles 
    • chickweed

Weeds are naturally able to spread easily. The traits in weeds that allow them to spread with such ease are:

    • they produce a copious amount of seeds 
    • weeds germinate quickly
    • seeds can remain inactive for lengthy periods of time

These facts on weeds will help you identify them and stop their rapid growth. 

Preventing Weeds From Growing on Your Lot

The best way to avoid weeds growing and taking over your yard is to start at the root of the problem and stop the spread before it gets a chance to grow. Preventing the spread of weeds is not a one-time chore, this is something that needs frequent upkeep to keep your yard looking beautiful and lively. 

Here are some tips on how to remove and prevent the growth of weeds. 

1. Use Pre-emergent Herbicides

This prevention method uses chemicals to stop the germination process of weeds. You can buy herbicides specifically for a type of weed or multiple weeds. Apply the pre-emergent in early spring before the weeds start to germinate. Water the area after application to activate the pre-emergent. 

2. Apply Mulch

You can use organic mulch to cover up weeds. Apply about a 2-inch layer of organic mulch. 

Applying does more than cover the weeds, it also smothers them by blocking the sun, which most weeds need to thrive. Using mulch also keeps the soil moist. Organic mulch is preferred over regular mulch because it is biodegradable and creates a healthy environment for your yard. 

3. Grow Plants Near Eachother 

Weeds need space to grow. With that being said, if you are worried about weeds taking over your garden, grow your plants in close proximity to each other. Planting your crops in a block spacing method, instead of rows, can help reduce the growth of weeds. 

4. When in Doubt, Pull

If you see a single weed that has sprouted, pull it from the base to make sure you destroy the possibility of it spreading. This may take some work if you have quite a few weeds growing in your yards, but it’ll be worth seeing your land looking neat and cared for.


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