How to Protect Your Land From Freezing Temperatures

As the old saying goes, there are four seasons in Texas — drought, flood, blizzard, and twister. While one end of the state may be experiencing record-setting heat, folks at the other end may be feeling arctic blasts of cold. Those elements of surprise are perhaps what makes Texas unique in the eyes of so many. 

The inconsistencies in weather can create a bit of headache for many, especially for South Texas property owners, where weather often turns on a dime. And while most land owners have the know-how to handle challenging climate, the occasional freezing temperatures hitting regions like Harlingen are enough to frustrate even the most seasoned land owner. 

Keeping Your Plants and Trees Safe From the Cold 

Among the various cold weather-related questions many South Texas property owners have is what plants should be of most concern when it comes to harsh frigid temperatures. Garden experts suggest first determining what kind of temperatures are in store. 

Most plants will do well enough to survive if temperatures dip for a single day/night. However, longer cold snaps may affect plants and trees, so property owners in the Rio Grande Valley will have to find strategies to protect more vulnerable foliage. 

Tropical and subtropical plants and newly planted trees on property should be covered. Most garden centers carry products such as frost cloth to give you an advantage against the cold, but old blankets or sheets will work just as well. Experts also advise on not using plastic or paper coverings when the temperatures dip. This is because plastic can conduct cold rather efficiently, increasing the likelihood of damage to your plant’s leaves.

Property owners are also encouraged to water the roots of the plants ahead of a freeze. Watering the soil rather than the plant ensures watering of the root system. If the plant is watered and the temperatures turn cold, then the plant will certainly freeze. Plants that are able to be brought in from the cold should be placed inside your home or in the garage.

So all in all, stick to the three C’s: clustering your container gardens and covering them. 

Protect Pipes and Avoid Costly Mistakes 

Freezing weather doesn’t only affect plants, and if you’ve already built a home on your lot, you’ll want to remember to protect your property’s pipes. As temperatures drop below 32 degrees–and after an extended period of time, typically 24 hours–water turns to ice and can spell trouble for unprotected pipes. 

The ice can put extreme pressure on pipes, but property owners may not discover damage until the ice begins to thaw and cracks become apparent. Experts suggest insulating pipes, including those that are exposed to the elements such as non-insulated attics. 

No need to go all out, either. A simple do-it-yourself approach works, such as wrapping pipes in newspaper, foam, rags, or other cloth and securing with strong tape or rope. 

If you’re going to be out of town and expect the property to be unattended, you may consider cutting off the water and draining the pipes. The costs to replace or repair broken or damaged pipes can be costly, and it’s better to be cautious than regret an avoidable expense later.

Checking in and Helping One Another

It goes without saying, people and pets should avoid exposure to chilly temperatures. Check in with friends and neighbors amid the winter advisories. Land in South Texas is vast and who knows, you may know an elderly neighbor down the road who could use a hand or some helpful advice on keeping their own property protected. 

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