How to Protect Your Land From Freezing Temperatures

It isn’t a secret that winter in Texas can be unpredictable. The start of the week can feel like a summer day and by the weekend temperatures drop below freezing. The past few winters in South Texas have been very different from our usually warm weather. 

 The inconsistencies in weather can create a bit of a struggle for many, especially for property owners in the Rio Grande Valley. Landowners are often knowledgeable in how to handle the change in weather, but even seasoned professionals can stress when freezing temperatures unexpectedly hit areas like Harlingen. 

Keep Your Plants and Trees Safe From the Cold 

One of the many questions property owners in South Texas have when it comes to freezing weather is understanding which plants are most at risk during these times. First, it is suggested to investigate what kind of weather is in store.

 The majority of plants are resilient enough to survive a single day or night in colder temperatures. However, if the temperatures dip for longer, plants and trees may be affected. 

Property owners will need to come up with strategies to protect vulnerable foliage when temperatures drop below freezing for multiple days. 

Newly planted trees and tropical plants should be covered when the cold rolls in. Garden centers usually have products, like frost cloth, to help protect your plants from the cold but old blankets or sheets can also get the job done. Experts advise against using plastic or paper to cover plants because plastic can conduct cold and increase the chance of damaging the plants. 

It may be in your best interest to keep an eye on when the weather is supposed to drop. Watering the roots instead of the entire plant before a freeze is encouraged because the root system will be watered and the plant won’t freeze. If you can, move plants indoors into your garage or a shed.  

Protect Pipes and Avoid Expensive Errors 

Freezing weather affects more than gardens and trees. If you already have a home built on your seller-financed lot, remember to shield the pipes on your property from the frigid weather. Water turns to ice if the temperature drops below 32 degrees for 24 hours or longer. This can cause trouble for unprotected pipes.

 Pipes can suffer extreme pressure if ice forms inside them and it may take the ice beginning to thaw until any damage becomes apparent. It is suggested by experts to insulate the pipes, including those that may not be exposed to the weather, such as pipes placed in non-insulated attics. 

Protecting your pipes can be done by wrapping them in newspaper, foam, sheets, or any type of cloth and securing them with strong tape or rope.

 If you won’t be on your property during the freezing temperatures, consider shutting the water off and draining the pipes. Replacing or repairing impaired or broken pipes can be costly so one can agree it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Be a Good Neighbor and Help One Another

Check-in with your friends, family, and neighbors amid the weather advisories. You never know when someone may require assistance or can help you with protecting your property. 

For over 20 years, the trusted team at SRC Land has worked with customers to help them build amazing futures. Offering affordable land for sale in Harlingen, you can live the American dream with one of our lots for sale. 

Stay warm during freezing weather, and if you’re ready to make your dream of owning land in Harlingen, Texas, contact SRC Land today!

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