Ideal Climate and Soil for Crops in South Texas

In the Rio Grande Valley, our summers can be hot and seem to trickle into every season. Hot and warm weather are predominant in our yearly climate. Furthermore, this causes our winters to be shorter and come in bursts, instead of an entire season of cold weather. 

This constant warmth is beneficial for those who grow crops or for those looking for property for sale in Harlingen to grow crops because this allows you to grow year-round and possibly start a lucrative business.

Another great asset to owning seller-financed property in Harlingen is utilizing one of Texas’s greatest natural resources – rich, nutrient soil.

If you are interested in owning land for growing crops, our experts at SRC Land can help you take advantage of South Texas’ ideal climate and land.

About the Climate in Harlingen 

On average, the temperature in Harlingen rarely drops below 55 degrees. Although we do have freezes during the winter, if the temperature drops to freezing temperatures, it only lasts a few days.

In South Texas, cool weather only lasts a month or two, with the average temperature being 75 degrees. 

With that being said, you can come to the conclusion that Harlingen has a sub-tropical climate. The Rio Grande Valley is also known for its humidity, which is at the optimal percentage for crop growing. 

The rest of the year ranges from warm to hot weather, the hottest month being August. The warm weather, even during fall months (October and November), is perfect for growing an array of crops.

About the Soil in Property for Sale in Harlingen 

In the Rio Grande Valley, you will find many different soils, whereas other parts of the country only have a couple of types of soils. We are fortunate enough to have soils that are most suitable for growing crops. These soils are sand, silt, and clay. 

The mixture of these soils is called loam, which makes the soil rich and full of beneficial nutrients for your crops. The surface drainage ranged from slow to rapid, but the humidity helps keep the soil moist between rain and watering. Be cautious of overwatering, though, as that can be harmful to your crops. 

SRC Land Offers Seller-Financed Property in Harlingen

SRC Land has assisted aspiring landowners reach their goals for over 20 years. With our seller-financed properties available, we can help make the dream of owning property and growing a business a reality. 

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