Is Cameron County the Right Choice for My Children?

As parents, we want the best for our children. We strive to give them the best life possible so that they can achieve any goal that they set their minds to.

This means more than just spoiling them with the occasional candy splurge or a new toy – we want to set them up so that they have opportunities to grow their confidence, expand their mindset, and develop their social skills so they can live fulfilling lives.

With that being said, it can’t be denied that investing in property will benefit your family and children. Studies indicate that owning property can positively affect child outcomes compared to families that rent or lease.

These benefits reflect a positive impact on education outcomes (such as high school completion and college attendance), as well as the potential to reduce the likelihood of teenage parenthood, and improved chances of participation in the workforce.

For more than 20 years, SRC Land has been helping families establish the foundation for their children’s success by making land ownership attainable.

If you’re ready to invest in land to build a future for your family, Cameron County is a fantastic place to start.

Let’s go over some of the benefits that Cameron County has for families and their children.

Child Care Options in Cameron County

If you’re a parent to young children, there’s a chance you will need some assistance caring for your children while you’re at work.

Not every family is fortunate enough to have relatives nearby who can help look after kids while they work, but fortunately, child care options in Cameron County are abundant, with over 200 active child care providers available in the area.

Additionally, there are currently a few support options available for parents to attain payment assistance for child care services in Texas.

One option worth mentioning is Service Industry Recovery Child Care, which provides qualifying parents with up to 12 months of free child care if they are currently employed or entering employment in the following industries:

  • Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
    • Examples include (but aren’t limited to) jobs at movie theaters, gyms, bowling centers.
  • Accommodation and Food Services
    • Examples include (but aren’t limited to) jobs at restaurants, hotels, caterers, and bars.
  • Retail Trade
    • Examples include (but aren’t limited to) jobs at clothing, convenience, and grocery stores.

Schools in Cameron County

Education is the key to opportunity, and in Cameron County, you can rest assured that your child will have access to quality education.

For the 2021 school year, 175 public schools served more than 100,000 students in the county. Currently, the area features one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in the Lone Star State.

According to Public School Review, these schools have an average ranking of 8 out of 10, putting Cameron County in the top 30 percent of Texas public schools.

In Texas, the usual math proficiency score is 51 percent, but Cameron County schools boast an above-average math proficiency score of 54 percent. – via @SRCLand

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Recreational Fun for Kids in Cameron County

In this day and age, kids can spend hours on end on devices like tablets, gaming consoles, and smartphones. Most parents make attempts to limit screen time by providing alternative activities for kids to focus on.

In Cameron County, kids have a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy – certainly more than enough to make them want to ditch the electronic devices and spend time basking in the sun.

Whereas the rest of the United States sees an average of 205 sunny days, Cameron County residents enjoy approximately 227 sunny days each year.

This gives families the opportunity to make frequent trips to places like South Padre Island, where kids can have fun playing at the beach, enjoy waterparks, meet with sea turtles, and even visit alligators!

Owing Property in Cameron County is a Great Investment for Your Family

Investing in land is a smart choice if you’re planning on starting a family or even if you already have kids.

With plenty of land options available in cities such as Brownsville, Harlingen, La Feria, San Benito, and Los Fresnos, SRC Land has the experience and insight to help you find the perfect Cameron County property for your needs.

Paired with our low prices and interest rates, our seller-financing options are the perfect solution for interested buyers with no or bad credit. Contact us today to take the first step towards becoming a landowner in Cameron County!

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