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Make the Smart Investment: Buy Land in Liberty County

Built on a foundation of agriculture, Liberty County is the perfect location for you to fulfill your dreams of living the country lifestyle. Just outside of Houston, Liberty County offers the open space and community atmospheres of small towns with access to all of the perks of the big city. With its climate, low cost of living, and big Texas sky, Liberty County truly is a paradise just waiting to be explored.

Find the right property for sale and start living your country dreams in the newest in Liberty County. SRC Land can help you find the perfect lot for your family and your financial future.

Our Liberty County Lots for Sale


Tarkington Meadows

The Benefits of Buying a Country Home

Houston has a lower cost of living than most other metropolitan areas, a booming job market, and a rapidly growing economy. City life, however, isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, the greater Houston area has many accessible and affordable suburbs. Here are just a few reasons why so many people are deciding that country living is for them.

  • Connect with nature — For those living in the country, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with the nature and wildlife around you. After all, you both live there.
  • Privacy and respect — Peace and tranquility are top priorities for country communities. Especially in the vast plains of Texas, there’s plenty of room for you to have a private space.
  • Lower cost of living — One of the biggest driving forces toward country living is the potential to see lower housing and utility costs. In the country, you can buy more land for less money thanks to the significant drop in population density.
  • Equestrian lifestyle – If horses are part of your family, then country living is ideal. Based on the number of acres you buy, you can build a barn and keep your horses close and readily available to care for and ride.


Accessing Financing for Your Land Purchase

Buying property isn’t a small challenge, and getting the financing you need to make such a purchase can be difficult, especially for those with bad or no credit. Traditional lenders may turn borrowers away or offer significantly higher rates. SRC Land saw this problem hurting Texans in our community, and we decided to do something about it.

SRC offers land buyers seller-financing options to make their dream of land ownership a reality. Seller financing allows borrowers to forgo the hassle of getting approved by a traditional lender, access better rates, and carry out the closing process more quickly. Reach out to SRC to learn more about how seller financing can help your dreams come true.

Buying Land in Liberty County Towns and Cities


Beautiful Liberty, Texas, is home to historic architecture and a charming downtown full of things to do. A forty-five-minute drive from Houston, Liberty offers the wide-open spaces of Texas with convenience in reach.


Sometimes considered a part of Liberty, Texas, the city of Dayton features much of the same charm as its neighbor to the east. Dayton has a rich history, and it’s perfect for buyers looking for affordable land for sale in Liberty County.


About 40 miles to the northeast of Houston, you can find Cleveland, Texas. Cleveland is known for its bustling lumber industry, and there are lots of opportunities for raw land investors. You can find raw land for sale in Liberty County in Cleveland.

Start Your Country Living Adventure Today

At SRC Land, we’re dedicated to making land ownership accessible for all. To that end, SRC offers a variety of financing options to help our clients find a path to land ownership.

To learn more about how SRC Land can help you find your dream property, send a contact form now or contact us at (713)230-8179 to learn more about SRC Land subdivisions located in the Greater Houston area.

If you’re ready to start your legacy in Liberty County, Texas, reach out to SRC Land today for help finding the perfect property for your needs.