Spookify Your Seller-Financed Property With These 3 Last Minute Halloween Decoration Ideas

Fall is here, and everyone in the Rio Grande Valley is excited to carve pumpkins, share spooky ghost stories, and put on creative–and often scary–costumes to ring in the Halloween weekend. While we are certainly living during uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrating Halloween may have taken a back seat this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it, so long as we do so safely.

If you love to celebrate Halloween but haven’t set anything up because of the times we are living in, however, SRC Land has got you covered. We know that the RGV comes up with some special and innovative decorations and creations that appeal to both adults and children alike, especially in Harlingen, and in order to live up to this expectation, we’ve come up with a few things you can do to spookify your property this season.

1. Ghoulify Your Garage

A garage door has a lot of real estate to work with when it comes to decorations, and the potential to house spooky drawings or decorations are endless. Tons of easy-to-print and spooky templates are available online, or use your creativity to transform your garage into a huge mouth with terrifying teeth or a creepy UFO with cut-out space aliens lurking in the shadows!

You can also open it up for a more dimensional look and feel and decorate the inside with printable gravestones you can find online, some cotton fashioned into fake cobwebs, a fog machine to give it that eerie look, and some cut-out zombies to complete it all.

2. Cause a Fright With Property Lights

Frighten passersby with Halloween-themed lighting! A can of black light hairspray and a black light spotlight hidden in a nearby bush can go a long way in spooking your neighbors. Spray on a spooky message onto your garage door and light up the area with a black light to reveal it.

Amp up the creepiness factor on your property by switching out porch and driveway lights with Halloween-themed light bulbs. String lights hanging from the trees can also add into ambiance, but a pair of glowing red LED lights stuffed into a bush or in a dark corner can make them quake in their shoes.

3. Jack-O-Lanterns, Witches, and Skeletons, Oh My!

Thankfully, there is a whole industry that caters to landowners looking to spicy up their property during the Halloween season. Pumpkins are an inexpensive and classic way to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

Carve out terrifying faces from its flesh with printable templates, carefully place in a tealight, and place them throughout your property in areas where a fire won’t start. Or you can switch out the tealights for battery-operated orange LED lights or flameless candles.

You don’t have to let the garage, driveway, or porch do all of the heavy lifting this Halloween. Hang a few skeletons, witches, or ghosts that you can find at a retail store to your tree limbs and watch them sway in the cool October breeze.

Don’t Let Bad or No Credit Scare You Away From Owning the Property of Your Dreams

By purchasing property through SRC Land, you are enabling yourself the power and freedom to decorate your property as you wish. Your imagination is the limit, and the possibilities of creepifying your land in time for Halloween night are endless.

Leave behind the days of renting and tight spaces and embrace the freedom of landownership. At SRC Land, we work hard to make the American Dream come true for our clients, and if you have bad or no credit, we can still help you with our seller-financing options.

Take out the fright out of buying land. Contact SRC Land to discover more about our seller-financing options today.

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