How to Secure Your Down Payment for Land

Deciding to invest in commercial properties in Harlingen, Texas is an excellent choice and one that the staff at SRC Land supports entirely. Land ownership in Texas is an increasingly profitable investment, and thankfully, there are basically unlimited ways to profit from purchasing commercial properties in Texas.

Residential properties, on the other hand, also make a great foundation for your American dream in the state. No matter what your reasons are to consider beginning your land ownership process, the expert team at SRC Land can help.

The first step in purchasing more property is ensuring you have enough money to make an initial down payment. Typically, this is just a percentage of the entire cost and will be used to help you finance the payment in full over time, so it is important to make sure you’re in a place that’s financially sound for acquiring more property. 

1. Reference Your Financial Portfolio and Savings

While you may be surprised by how much you already have saved, it’s important that you check all the assets you have including certificates of deposit (CD), money markets, saving accounts, and other funds you may have in financial institutions. You may not wish to spend the entirety of your savings on a property purchase, but your available funds and assets should help you determine if taking this big financial step is right for you.

2. Sell Unneeded Valuables and Hold a Garage Sale

Take a look around old storage spaces in your house, like the garage, attic, or crawlspace. You’ll want to find big-ticket items that you can sell for a profit, anything from an extra vehicle not in use anymore to spare pieces of jewelry laying around.

While it may be hard to part with some of these items, selling them can help you reach your financial goals to purchase property. Advertise for a garage sale in your community, and set a date to try and get sell some of the items you find and are comfortable selling. 

3. Join Online Selling Platforms

If you want to take a more virtual approach to earn some extra money, there are websites like Letgo and Poshmark where you can open an account on to sell products laying around your house that you aren’t using as regularly. In addition to clearing up space in your home, you can work your way to getting even closer to having sufficient funds to purchase a new property. 

4. Team Up With a Family Member to Save

If you have a person in your life who you trust and you would like to share your new property with, work out the details of the payments and ownership before moving forward with anything else. This can be an excellent, if often overlooked, way to acquire new property. This method can help you and your loved one expand investment options as well as your assets. 

5. Take the Owner Financing Route

It is common for property buyers to work with sellers on paying off the overall purchase of the land. This is especially helpful if for some reason you can’t get a loan to help with the purchase. Owner financing is a way for those without credit or with poor credit purchase land by allowing them to seek financing directly from the property owner.

This process bypasses the usual red-tape associated with traditional lending and allows lenders and borrowers to negotiate terms more directly. While it may not be a possibility with every lot distributor, SRC Land can help you purchase the lot of your dreams through a seller financed mortgage.

SRC Land: Making Land Ownership a Reality in the City of Harlingen

Our team at SRC Land is committed to helping you weigh out your different options when it comes to moving forward with this new purchase. Follow these steps, take stock of your assets, and let us know how we can help you pursue your dream of owning new residential or commercial property in Texas.

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A Little Property Spring Cleaning Can Do You Good During COVID-19

Our team at SRC Land knows the number of days sheltered in place from the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on us, but with spring halfway through, what most people feel like doing right now is getting outside and breathing in the fresh air, all the while maintaining a safe distance from others and following government guidelines, of course.

Since there are few places to go right now where everyone may feel at ease, we compiled a few tips on how to use this spare time to do a little spring cleaning of your property, or if you’re up for it, give yourself time to think of new projects, big or small. Tackle these tasks and enjoy the outdoors by beautifying your newly-purchased property today.

1. Assess Your Plan for Gardens and Landscaping Projects

This may seem like an obvious place to start for spring cleaning, but it’s a step that can often be overlooked. A good way to stay organized on all the different projects you may want to achieve is by drawing up a map of your land, one how it is currently, and then going back and adding any renovations you’d like to make. 

These changes can be as simple as repaving a cement pathway you already have, adding new fencing that has worn down during the last few seasons, or maybe deciding where to put your vegetable garden.

2. Spruce Up What’s Already There

Any trees or bushes that are starting to look overgrown may be in need of some pruning. If you are removing weeds or cleaning up a flower bed, you may want to use scissors instead of pruners since they’ll be gentler and more precise. By the same token, make sure you are edging your garden for that nice, sleek look on your property.

This can also be an excellent time to get rid of extra debris on your property that blew or fell on to it. Grass health is one of the most impressionable elements a property can have, but if yours is covered with dead leaves and twigs, it’s unlikely the grass underneath is getting the amount of sunlight it needs to thrive. Place the refuse in an appropriate, large trash bag, and then, check with your local trash pickup service to see if they can pick up the bagged refuse.

3. Protect What You’ve Planted

There are few things more discouraging than investing many hours in yardwork, particularly new flowers or plants, and then seeing that rabbits or other animals have destroyed them within a week or so. In addition, local wildlife like our long-eared friends can dig up holes all over your yard, affecting its overall look. By putting up some discreet fencing around your yard, garden, or newly planted flower beds, however, you can mitigate the risk of animal visitors coming by for a snack on your hard work.

For pesky plants like crabgrass, herbicides are known to be helpful in keeping them from growing where you don’t want them to, and as always, whenever using chemicals on your property, research the product’s brand online and follow the instructions closely to keep your lawn, yourself, and others safe. When in doubt, a little elbow grease (pulling them out by hand) can go a long way.

Any property owner’s favorite part of spring cleaning is completing the tasks and then being able to look out on the work they’ve done with a sense of pride. This is just one of many things you have to look forward to as a property owner, and if you aren’t one yet, SRC Land has a great number of lots for you at an affordable price.

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The Covid-19 Impact on Real Estate

The spread of COVID-19 has had massive impacts on all of our lives. From getting groceries to paying rent, everything is a little bit harder right now, and many are struggling to make ends meet. One question on many people’s minds is how the pandemic will affect the real estate market.

Luckily for Texas residents, the real estate market hasn’t slowed down too much due to the virus. Now that businesses are reopening in Texas and other parts of the county, the normal way of doing things, like touring tracts of land and holding open houses, is starting up again. The process may be a bit different, but real estate is still an incredible investment opportunity.

Real Estate Investment Still Makes Sense

While there is a considerable amount of uncertainty and volatility in the real estate market because of the pandemic, the overall trend in real estate has historically always been towards higher allocations and investments in real estate.

Real estate allows individuals to invest in their future with a high probability of good risk-adjusted returns. Real estate is less correlated to other asset classes, meaning it represents an excellent way to diversify your financial portfolio.

While the value of many assets is closely tied to the overall performance of the economy, real estate is a safe investment during times of volatility in the commodities and equities markets, especially now, and over the medium to long term, experts expect to see a continued flow of capital into real estate.

Long-Term Trends Accelerated by COVID-19

There have been a number of trends in the real estate market that have been accelerated by the novel coronavirus pandemic, and experts expect these trends to continue after the pandemic has ended:

  • Rising Capital Allocations — Real estate is increasingly seen as a “flight to safety” compared to other asset classes.
  • Urbanization — The pandemic is likely to influence future urban design.
  • Technology — Work-from-home technology is likely to influence how business is conducted long after the pandemic ends.
  • Sustainability — As we return to normal post-pandemic, it’s likely that there will be a renewed focus on sustainability and climate responsibility in the real estate sector.

With a Variety of Properties for Sale, We’re Confident We Can Find the Ideal Lot for You.

Once the pandemic is over, there’s no doubt that all of us will be in the midst of adapting to a “new normal”. New trends have already begun to take hold, and governments, businesses, and communities have all faced adjustments. Still, there will be consequences to this pandemic which we have no way of foreseeing.

Despite all of this uncertainty, real estate remains a good investment. While the stock market is yoyoing wildly, real estate has been relatively more even-keeled. If you are considering purchasing a plot of land in Texas on which to start your American dream, you’re already on the right track. Now, all you need to do is contact the team at SRC Land to start looking.

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Choosing the Right Lot for Your Dream Home

Considering the natural beauty and welcoming communities so key to what makes Texas Texas, it’s no surprise that nearly four million people moved to Texas between 2010 and 2018. Many people moving into the state may hang their hat in an apartment while others may choose to rent homes or condos, but overwhelmingly, many individuals are finally realizing their dream of owning land to build their legacy is well within their grasp.

To try to make that hunt a little easier, the real estate team at SRC Land have gathered information covering the basics of what you should know before looking for the place your home will ultimately rest on. Our dedicated team members work tirelessly to help the people looking to settle in the city of Harlingen find the land that’s right for them.

1. Really Think About Your Desired Location

This is the area that most of us think about first when considering where our dream will be located. Take the frustration out of finding a location right for you by doing the following:

  1. Check out the neighborhood to make sure you will feel comfortable there.
  2. Make sure the area is right for your lifestyle.
  3. Visualize your home on the lot, and check if it feels right.
  4. Listen to the traffic noise to make sure it’s not too loud.
  5. Look at the area at different times of the day to get a sense of the atmosphere.
  6. Bring friends or family to help you decide.

And, most importantly, consider and compare at least a few different options. Don’t settle for the first location right away.

2. Consider What Type of Lot is Right for You

The lot that you build on serves as the canvas for your masterpiece, and every slope of the land will affect what your home will look like. Below you can read about the different sorts of lots you can consider for your optimal build:

  • Flat — This is the default layout when we think of when building homes. As neat as a perfectly flat lot may look, it may not be the ideal lot for your needs. Although uncommon in Texas, building homes with basements on flat lots are susceptible to flooding, especially after a particularly rainy season.
  • View — A view lot is exactly what it sounds like: a lot with a view. The scenic views surrounding the plots of land allow you to accentuate its natural beauty within the design of your home.
  • Corner — Corner lots can be perfect for home design. Corner lots make side and back entries possible, but this can make their cost higher than other lots.
  • Narrow — If you’re looking to build your home in a more urban area, you will probably be looking for a narrow lot. Narrow lots are becoming more and more popular for home builds.
  • Sloped — Lots that are sloped to one side or the other can open up all sorts of interesting design options.

3. Overcome the Technical Details

Now that you know about the different types of lots, it’s time to learn about the practical concerns that come with building a home. Below are more of the technical aspects you will need to consider when choosing a lot for your home:

  • Accessibility — Where is the lot positioned? Is it difficult to access the main road? This can become a serious issue should an emergency occur and medical professionals cannot get quick access to your home.
  • Amenities Are there shops, schools, and childcare services in the area that will fit you and your families needs?
  • Orientation North-facing lots are usually a good choice, but don’t forget to take lot orientation into account.
  • Privacy Check that there is no overlooking issue–neighboring homes with windows that invade your privacy, for instance–that would make you uncomfortable to live on the lot. 
  • Utility Connections — To live on a lot, you will need to make sure it is connected to all the necessary utilities like water, sewage or septic tank system, and access to electric, telephone, and internet services.

4. Ask Your Builder

Your builder has a lot of experience in constructing beautiful homes on all sorts of lots, and if you are planning to build your own home, you should consider talking to him or her before choosing your lot.

A builder can help explain all of the information you need to know and how it will influence her or his work. Your builder can also adjust your designs to fit your lot or help you find the perfect lot that meets all of your design needs.

Whether you need a commercial or residential lot for sale in Harlingen, SRC Land has what you need.

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