6 Tips to Start Your Own Cattle Ranch in Texas!

Cattle ranching is very popular in Texas, and it’s easy to see why! The big Texas sky is the perfect environment and climate for ranching! It takes a lot of work, but raising cattle can be extremely rewarding.

Maybe you want to raise cattle for meat, sell the animals for profit, or just have a fascination with the idea of being a rancher. Whatever your reason for wanting to build a ranch, you can get started with these 6 tips for ranching in Texas!

1. Get Some Cattle Ranching Experience!

If you’re entirely new to the world of cattle ranching, you may want to consider gaining some real-world experience before starting out on your own. Books and tutorial videos may be a big help, but you won’t know how it really feels (and smells) until you’re out with the cattle. 

2. Write Down Your Cattle Ranching Plan!

All good ideas need a plan! Start your cattle ranching plan by writing down your reason for running a ranch. Turn it into a mission statement to help you stay motivated on the most challenging days!

Once you have your reason, add your goals for your cattle ranch. They could include how big you want the ranch to grow, how you’ll manage your animals and property, and how you’ll advertise your business.

3. Build a Ranching Budget!

Cattle ranching isn’t cheap! Your expenses will probably include land, land development, fencing, equipment, transportation, feed, and shelter. And depending on how big of a ranch you want to build, you might also need to pay for a website, advertising, payroll, and insurance.

While the upfront cost of starting a ranch may be high, you could still make a profit, but it takes time, effort, and financial planning to make money from your cattle ranching business. Include how much funding you’ll need and where you’ll get the money in your financial plan.

4. Build Relationships With Other Ranchers!

Ranches are often part of a rural community. If there are ranchers nearby, build a solid relationship with them! They may help you improve your cattle ranching skills, warn you about weather concerns, show you where to get the best deals on equipment — and you can build friendships that last a lifetime!

5. Don’t Forget About Your Customers!

If you’re starting a cattle ranch in hopes of selling your cattle, you’ll also want to build good relationships with your customers. Listen to their wants and needs, communicate your concerns, and stay faithful to your mission. A happy customer usually becomes a loyal customer! 

6. Buy Ranchland in Texas With SRC Land!

Once you’ve completed your plan and are ready to start your ranch, it’s time to buy some land! Location is important when starting out, and Texas has beautiful but functional land perfect for cattle ranching. You’ll also need a property designated as an agricultural land development, and our experienced team can help you find the perfect starting spot.

At SRC Land, we can show you what Texas has to offer for ranch land. Start shopping for land for sale in Harlingen, and get started on building your dream cattle ranch today!  

Need a place to start cattle ranching? Find out how SRC Land in Texas can help you find the right land for your ranch!

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