How To Check Utilities on a Property In 4 Easy Questions

When viewing potential properties, you’ll need to look into the utilities available. Knowing what utilities you need and what utilities are available on each pieces of property can help you make a more informed land purchase. You can figure out all of the basics with just a few easy questions. 

If you’re looking for property for sale in Harlingen, local property listing agents can help you find the perfect place and offer seller financing options. Your agent can help you figure out more about how utilities will impact your purchase, but in the meantime, keep reading to learn more about how to check utilities on a property.

1. What Kind of Utilities Do You Need?

If you’re planning on buying land in Texas, you will need to keep in mind how you’re going to use that property in the future. Utilities can make a big difference in the plans you have for your property. Review the list of utilities below, and keep in the ones that you need in mind when searching for property.

  • Water lines
  • Sewer or septic tank
  • Power lines
  • Gas lines
  • Phone lines
  • Internet cables
  • Television lines

2. How Close Is Utility Access, Really?

When checking out each property, you will need to determine how accessible the utilities actually are. Some utility lines may already be in place, but they may be a long way from where you need them. Be aware that the term “nearby” can mean anything from a few feet to a few miles away. 

Also, check that the utility services in the area will be able to accommodate any new utilities that you need to install. For example, you will neeed to contact the power company for grid line placement in order to access the utility. Keep in mind where utilities will be accessib le on the lot, as this can significantly affect your planning and purchasing decisions.

3. Do You Need Permissions To Install Utilities?

You may need permission for utilities to be brought onto the property.  Before the property purchase, it’s a good idea to check for any required approval for utility placement. Check the following three areas for possible permission requirements.

  • Private Property Owners – You will need permission from property owners if the utility line runs through their personal property. 
  • State – You may also need permission from the state to install certain utilities as some places have rules regarding utility rights. 
  • Neighborhood – Some neighborhoods also have easements where you will need permission to place utility poles or any other utility structure.

4. How Much Will Utilities Set Up Cost?

The cost of installing utilities will vary based on several factors. The expenses can be affected by the utility type and the utility company. Below, you can read more about how different factors can affect installation costs.

  • Utility Type – The cost may range widely depending on  the type of utility in question. Property that doesn’t have a sewer system may need a connection to one or a septic tank placed. Septic tanks can vary from $3,000 up to $20,000.  
  • Location – If power lines are nearby but need to be closer to provide the required power, the company could charge a fee to move the line. This fee could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Accessibility – Some locations may not be accessible to the utilities that you need. For instance, if the water line can’t access the property, a well would need to be placed. 
  • Company – The utility company that you go to for service can also affect the cost, as some may be cheaper than others. Be sure to shop around to find the services that will fit the needs of your property.

SRC Land Can Help You Find the Perfect Lot for Sale

Once you know what your needs will be, the property experts at SRC Land can help you follow every step of the purchasing process, from showing you how to check utilities on a property to finding a financing solution that will work for you.

Reach out to the listing agents of SRC Land to find the right property for sale in Harlingen, Texas!

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