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With our philosophy of helping fellow residents of the Rio Grande Valley find the right piece of land for sale at an affordable price, SRC Land takes great pride in helping aspiring landowners set up the blueprint for their future!

Our San Benito land development experts are dedicated to helping our clients find the land they need to fulfill their dreams of becoming landowners. Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or want to develop your own farm, SRC Land has just what you need. With a variety of lots for sale in San Benito, investing in property now could be the wisest decision you ever make.

Our San Benito Land for Sale

Tract 9
San Fernando Estates

Reynold’s Country
Estates Phase 3

Del Rio Subdivision
Phase 9 in Los Indios

Arroyo Colorado and FM 1420

Bahia Point Subdivision, Phase II

The Benefits of Investing in Land in San Benito

For centuries it’s been an accepted fact that land is a wise investment. Choosing to buy land can make a lot of financial sense down the road. As your property appreciates, you’ll be able to get a meaningful return on your investment. You can also use the land to develop a business and start earning regular, passive income.

Of course, you don’t have to sell your property or use it to make a profit. If you decide to permanently settle and build a home, you can always pass the property along to your children and grandchildren.

Best of all, San Benito is an affordable place to buy land compared to larger Texas markets.

Buy Owner Financed Land for Sale in San Benito

With the barrier to entry for traditional financing being so high, building your dream house can sometimes feel more like a fantasy than something you could actually do. Here at SRC Land, we’re all about turning fantasies into reality. You can buy land with poor credit or no credit thanks to owner financing from SRC Land.

Owner-financing allows you to make an agreement directly with the seller, rather than going through a traditional lender like a bank. That means you get to skip all the red tape that’s associated with getting a bank loan. With owner financed land, you can access favorable rates and get the financing you need to achieve your dream estate.

What You Can Do With Vacant Land in Texas

Buy and Rent

One of the easiest ways to make money from vacant or raw land investing is to buy a premium lot and rent it to another party. You can rent for farmland, forestry, outdoor storage, and many other uses. Renting is a great way to secure access to a steady source of passive income.

Buy and Build

Perhaps the most challenging but also the most rewarding option is to buy land and develop it. What you can build will depend on the zoning of the property. On a vacant residential lot, you can build single- and multi-family homes, while on commercial land you can build businesses and apartments.

Buy and Hold

Another relatively simple way to profit from vacant land is to buy land and hold it until it appreciates in price. Land is a limited resource, and that means its price will almost always go up given enough time. The only drawback is that this won’t guarantee any profit in the short term.

Buy and Use

Rather than renting your land to someone who can use it to make a profit, you can use it yourself. There are many potential uses for raw land: you can use it to host festivals and rallies, rent billboard space, harvest timber, store boats and RVs, or harvest solar or wind energy.  

Buy and Sell

One of the most difficult ways to profit from raw land is to buy land and immediately sell it for a higher price. This is challenging because you will need to first find land that has been undervalued, and then sell it to someone else for its fair value. Finding undervalued land isn’t easy.

Buy and Farm

South Texas is true to some truly prime ag land, and that land can be had at a competitively low price. A good potential farm or ranch property consists of good soil, optimal natural light, plenty of space, and reliable utility access. SRC can help you find the right land.

Should You Buy San Benito Land From a Real Estate Agent or a Texas Land Developer?

If you’re considering purchasing land in San Benito, you might be wondering where you should turn: a real estate agent or a Texas land developer. While turning to a real estate agent who’s been deemed reliable by former clients is one option, buying from an experienced land developer can bring some special benefits, including:

  • Access Low Prices – When you purchase land from a developer, you can access more flexible rates and favorable prices.
  • Get the Zoning You Need – A Texas land developer can help you get the zoning you need for your project.
  • Get Guidance From Experts – We have extensive experience helping land buyers find the right property for their needs, and we can find the right property for you.
  • Get Utilities You Need – We can help you find a property with the utilities you need, or help you establish hookups to any utilities that are missing.


Here at SRC Land, we’re proud to offer exceptional customer service and financing assistance, and we are ready to help make your dream of land ownership a reality.

A Brief Overview of SRC Land

In 1978, Scot R. Campbell envisioned a business that would provide residents in the Rio Grande Valley with the best gorgeous properties at affordable prices. Coupled with exceptional customer service, SRC Land was created. 

For over 30 years and counting, the land development experts of SRC Land have remained focused on that mission. We have successfully paired clients with their dream properties all across the Valley! Our hardworking and trustworthy team still holds these original values to heart and we strive to provide families with the perfect land or home that meets their needs.

If you’re looking for exceptional land for sale for your dream home or investment, SRC Land can find the right property for you.

To learn more about our real estate opportunities and properties currently available, contact SRC Land today at (956) 428-6607!